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Monk Chat | Chiang Mai

This morning started off with a MONK CHAT. What a delightful connective activity! We could ask many questions, and got many answers. What a delightful connective activity! I was surprised … Continue reading

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Walking with Elephants

In an ideal world all elephants should be free to do as they please and not be subjected to working a 9 to 5 job to entertain humans. In an … Continue reading

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Heart ‘n Soul Relaxation

During this transition time I feel I need some pampering and relaxation. I have just finished a year working in China and certainly deserve a good massage. Chiang Mai has … Continue reading

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Detoxing When Travelling

OMG! How does one detox when traveling? As many of you know I’ve just finished a year in China teaching English in a small city where it was not all … Continue reading

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Heart Based, Mind Based

Yesterday this full-on dedicated man came up to me on the streets in Thailand. He had a book in his hands. He started to tell me about the predictions that … Continue reading

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Going Home

After 10 months in China I’m glad to be home. I didn’t have to stop in Australia, but I really missed my daughter, me Aussie Mums, friends, the beach and … Continue reading

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Power of Mudras

Mudras have become a close personal friend of mine. I was introduced to these friendly fellows about a year ago. Mudras amaze me how powerful they are. It only takes … Continue reading

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