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Riding a Bus in Changzhou, China

Riding a Bus in Changzhou, China I’m teaching ESL English in Changzhou, China. The children are soooooo very cute. They are such quick learners too! Very bright. I’m teaching Grade … Continue reading

December 8, 2018 · 1 Comment

How to Get the Right ESL Job in China

CHOOSING A JOB At the time of starting this blog I had not chosen a school/job as yet. But a few days later I finally settled on one. Here’s some … Continue reading

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The Process to Get a Chinese Z Visa | ESL Jobs

China has a plethora of ESL English Teaching jobs! I’m in the middle (yes, the middle) of the process of learning the ropes of ESL English teaching jobs in China, … Continue reading

September 18, 2018 · 1 Comment

Laughter Yoga in Fiji Schools

While I was in Fiji I had the delight of doing Laughter Yoga with a couple of primary schools. I did the official Laughter Yoga training a few years ago and … Continue reading

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The Tourist Side of Fiji

Sooo… my story continues…. If you’re a tourist FIJI is a great place to be! Fiji is expensive for tourists and you’ll pay a huge amount for accommodation unless you’re … Continue reading

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A Different Look at Fiji

In the Philippines (February), we did a yoga health detox retreat and training. There we obtained an Ananda Marga Naturopathy qualification so we can support people to detox their body … Continue reading

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Fruit for Breakfast | Vegan

At the Yoga Detox Health retreat in the Philippines we had fruit for breakfast. Now before this 30-day retreat I wouldn’t have thought it possible to have enough energy on … Continue reading

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