Wyld Woman Goes Bush

A radical life changing personal development story of how a woman walks away from her 'norm' travelling the Australian outback, meeting with Australian Aboriginals, then venturing into Tibetan Buddism….. and then realising the ancient wisdom to expanding consciousness has always been within.

Perimenopause, Depression and Anxiety

It’s amazing when it hits you. For me, perimenopause comes with all sorts of goodies including depression, anxiety, fatigue and the very confusing foggy mind. Hence, my reason for wanting … Continue reading

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7 Day Detox Experience

Wow. Wow. Wow. What an experience! I’m feeling sooooooo… very good I think I’ll do this again! (If you need a catch up please read my BLOG 7 Day Detox … Continue reading

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7 Day Detox to Get Rid of Mucoid Plaque

Will a 7 day detox get rid of Mucoid Plaque? Using homemade VEGAN SOUP? Friend #1: I ran into a friend of mine in town about a month ago and … Continue reading

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The Path to Enlightenment | Expanding Consciousness

When researching HOW TO REACH ENLIGHTENMENT or HOW TO EXPAND CONSCIOUSNESS you’ll run across the same basic principles and path. “We are to pass over to the Nirvana state which … Continue reading

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Holding a Frilled Neck Lizard

This morning I was going through my blogs and found this one – one I started last year, but never finished. Ooooohhhh… it brings back good memories of Tropical North … Continue reading

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Lucidity Walk

As I progress through the practice of Astral Travel I realise it is DEEP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & Spiritual Development. Personal development creates a state of awareness essential for the awakening … Continue reading

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Google Vs Feeling

There’s a JOKE we often say, “Google knows everything”. And so we rely on Google for all our information and knowledge from facts, to quotes, to history and even HOW … Continue reading

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