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6 Weeks with the Wim Hof Method

When I arrived in China it was a very pleasant warm climate. Now, it’s cold.

When the cold weather hit so did flus, colds and viruses. I caught my first vomiting bug in over 10 years. Vomiting viruses don’t often come to a tropical climate so I hadn’t had one in years.

It was THAT moment when I was making best friends with the TOILET that I begged for any solution so that would boost my immune system so that I wouldn’t get this sick again.

That’s when social media kindly reminded me of the WIM HOF METHOD.

“Ah, yes.”

Starting the Wim Hof Method for Cold Relief

Could this really work? I went on the WIM HOF METHOD Facebook group for some inspiration and posted about my situation in this cold climate and getting sicknesses. I got a boost of inspiration from some amazing people. And then, scrolled the Facebook group for more inspiration. I came across information about the WIM HOF METHOD PHONE APP – which I downloaded.

This app got me going. It inspired me enough with instructions and – most of all – the TIMER!

I started timing my breaths twice a day. The timer kept my mind busy – like it was a job to do for the day.  The timer gave me purpose. At the end of each session I felt my belly warmer and I had a meditative high that felt great. Always ended with a silly smile on my face. Only 3-4 rounds. Was so easy to feel good so quickly!

I had a boost of energy to get through a day of teaching!

Then another cold hit me – then another – then another – week after week. The pollution, the greasy, oily, sugary, sweet foods. All completely different than my usual environment and preferred vegan healthy food. My body was going through some harsh times.

BUT, I breathed and meditated – breathed and meditated. Much to my delight sicknesses was 80% less harsh after breathing.

One night this week I didn’t do the breathing before going to sleep. I thought my cold had ended and was gone – because my body felt well. BUT, in the middle of the night I woke up with a snuffed nose – I couldn’t breath through my nose! Apparently, the regular breathing kept 80% or more of the cold away. Talk about powerful COLD RELIEF the Wim Hof Method!!

THEN, I sat up and did some Wim Hof Breathing – my nose cleared up and I went back to sleep again. It was that easy.

Only 3-4 rounds of Wim Hof Breathing (5-15 minutes of time) and my colds were minimalised!!



The Wim Hof Method also encourages cold showers so I’ve started by implementing those after a few rounds of breathing.

This morning I had a hot shower. It was snowing outside yesterday – soooo cold!

But hot showers seem so boring nowadays.

During a cold shower it’s much more exciting – all the funny noises and jumping around – and talking to the silvery cold water as if it’s my best friend in the whole world. AND, after the cold shower there’s a giggle fit that seemingly comes out of no where.

Starting the day with a cold shower has been a sure way to start the day right. I’ve started calling it a COSMIC JOKE… especially in THAT moment after the cold shower when I’m giggling but there’s no joke or funny moment happening. The giggling just starts. Perhaps cold showers should be added to Laughter Yoga routines for people who are feeling depressed or ill.

It feels sooooo silly, yet so right.

The Wim Hof Method!

Why should you try it?

  1. Free cold relief remedy.
  2. It’ll make you laugh.
  3. It’ll give you that uplifting energy vibe…. which is a great space to meditate in.

For me?

I’m still exploring the Wim Hof Method and its affects on my body. I started just 6 weeks ago with the breathing and cold showers. Some days my body is eager for a cold shower, while some days my body wants to relax or heal. Some days I do hot and finish with cold. It varies according to how my body feels. At the moment I’m adjusting to the idea of showering in cold water in cold weather.


I’m aiming for cold water immersion one day – and will hopefully be walking in shorts in snow – one day. WHY? …. because I can! Everyone can…that’s why it’s so fun… you’re really stepping out of social constructs with this method.

I love that. 🙂

Deep breathing during the day now comes naturally. I find myself teaching a class and focusing on a few deep breaths at the same time. It’s like my secret strategy for good feelings.

Will I continue? DEFINITELY, YES! Overall, the benefits are amazing.

What will I do if I start to get bogged down and not feeling like doing it? Motivate myself, or wait for the harsh environment to motivate me.

Who is Wim Hof? Visit his website or go to the Facebook group.


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