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The Tourist Side of Fiji

Sooo… my story continues….

If you’re a tourist FIJI is a great place to be!

Fiji is expensive for tourists and you’ll pay a huge amount for accommodation unless you’re willing to stay in dorm rooms and listen to the guy next to you snore all night. I decided to stay at an Air BNB only 10 minutes from the Nadi airport.

The Air BNB I chose is only a few houses down from the beach next to some beautiful resorts. I spent two glorious days exploring a few resorts, the delicious food, wandering the beach and enjoying the entertainment.

fiji resort on the beach 2

fiji resort on the beach

The night entertainment was awesome! The Fijian Islanders are laid back and friendly. You can see the power of their culture in the dance!

fiji islander dance at the resort


The beach on the mainland is not as pretty as some of the pictures I’ve seen of the Islands. Yet, it’s clean and tidy for tourists and absolutely stunning as the sun sets!

fiji sunset at resort

Wandering to the end of the beach and there we discovered a place where tourists were boarding a small plane to go to one of the Islands.

fiji airplane for tourist

That’s all I saw of Fiji.

As my trip to Fiji was for other reasons I was unable to be a “tourist” for too long. Still, I’m glad I saw Fiji.

Would I return? Probably not.

It’s quite expensive for tourists.  Much more expensive than the Philippines.



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