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Haunted House Dreams

Okay, after one week + one week of doing a detox I’m really sensitive to thoughts and energies.

Really sensitive.

Last night I was woken by this horrendous haunted house dream – again. It has been reoccurring for a few months now. It may have been happening before that, but now that I’m writing in a dream journal I’m realising it.

*HINT: Start a dream journal!

I was sooooo very scared that I felt this heavy energy. Felt like it was actually there! It was terrifying. But I get up go to the toilet and put on lavender oil and sing, Bellillin (See the book written by Belsebub) and then say “I am always safe and protected” and call on my spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Pleaidian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangels of Light and the Andromedian Beings of Light… and my Higher Self… and Jesus Christ and God. When I go back to bed I lay on the other side – not the one that gave me the bad dream.

Today I researched Google for a picture of the house we used to live in when I was 5 years old and found one on the same road that looked similar. i called my Mom to ask her and she said it looks similar but ours was made of brick.

Then I told Mom about the memory I have when I was 5 years old living in that house…. My little brother used to cry a lot in the house and when I asked Mom why she said, “That room might be haunted.” BUT, Mom said she wouldn’t say something like that to a child. I also remember the elderly man living next door in the apartment (part of the house) and Mom said it was a young couple. Sooooo, either my memory is right and Mom doesn’t remember all the details OR I’m recalling a memory from the Dreamtime – the Astral World.

Were my dreams telling me the house was haunted and I met the old man who was a ghost there? While Astral Travelling?


Astral Travelling when I was younger was definitely a regular thing. I remember jumping off the front porch and flying. I’ve had memory recalls of a universal school I used to attend that was “off world”.

Anyways, reoccurring dreams are there to give us a message. And it was my job to sort this one out.

My friend gave me some hints of what it haunted house dreams could mean:

  • Someone or something in the past is coming back to haunt you.
  • Houses represent your mind… murder is killing off parks of your personality that no longer suits.
  • An unresolved issue.

Google suggests:

  • “To walk into a haunted house signifies incomplete emotional business, associated with your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed reminiscences and feelings.”

Okay, so in the dreams I’m always feeling helpless and frozen in fear. I can’t think of a way out, and certainly wouldn’t because the fear is sooooo heavy that I can’t move. I’m afraid of being attacked by the ghost. From my dream diary as written upon awakening:

“Too many hauntings. I had to sleep outside with my friend in my childhood as the house was haunted. We slept in swags (reality check! Canadians didn’t do that!). I was worried about my brother Scot who slept inside with the light on. He must of forgotten to turn if out. I was afraid he’d be depossessed (?). I could’t go in. Slept outside with my friend.” July 17

The next month….

“A group of us were sleeping over at a haunted house. I slept upstairs so the crocs would be attracted to the fish oil spray I used a mossie repellent bug spray. We all slept on the floor on our yoga mats but I got pushed off mine by this couple. Everyone was so sleepy they didn’t notice this guy being beheaded by a riding lawn mower in the middle of the room. The guy next to me watched in horror the whole time. He had tears in his eyes. But for some reason neither of us said anything. The group ha dot leave 1st thing in the morning. The house was haunted. The guy waited for me and we walked together in silence. We had to get home by midnight.” August 17

In other dreams I’ve experienced (take directly from the dream journal):

  • Forgetting to feed the guinea pigs their veggies.
  • Visiting Oma in a nursing home who seemed to be unaware that she was dead.
  • Big Tsunamai coming.
  • Feel free on a cruise ship (had this one a few times too).
  • Psychic surgery with someone putting a sting in my heart and then removing the stuff on the outside.
  • Living in a greenhouse dome and growing plants for a perfect life.
  • Housesitting a manion in which I fire the troublesome worker.
  • Saw some big ostriches on a beach (different plane of reality).
  • Walked around a 1950s town (someone lucid in this one!)
  • Tried to buy a ticket to see my Mom, but was told their time/space sub was out of order.
  • Had a variety of vibrational encoding dreams.
  • Was gifted a White Tiger picture on a marble plaque by a floating temple.
  • Tried to read words in a someone lucid dream.
  • Met a guy in the martial arts who had a lot of charisma.
  • Spoke to an alarm clock who was going to sleep in a box.
  • Went to a basketball court where people are performing arts.
  • Found out Madison had her pilot’s license and was flying a big plane.
  • Was a prostitute who was forced drugs by injection.
  • Had leeches as long as my hair stuck to my scalp.
  • Worked in a donut shop, but in training of middle earth living. Learning how to lower vibrations to serve customer & that I can raise vibrations to travel.
  • Saved a girl who couldn’t get out of cursed water.
  • Was with a guy who was in such a state of misery that he would stab himself with metal skewers.
  • Learned the ancient practice of using a pendulum on origami so that it would fold itself into the answer.
  • Charged my necklace on a powerful magic crystal.

Phew! Writing all this makes me realise how busy I’ve been in my dreams! Dreams are quite fascinating aren’t they?!

Okay, so back to the haunted house dreams…..

I’m keen to be lucid in my dreams, have conscious out-of-body experiences and expand consciousness…. so geepers, I need to sort out this fear I’m carrying.

But how?

Put on my detective hat!

Dive into Personal Development and Spiritual Development!

Well, first thing I did was go into meditation and into the haunted house. It was much easier to see when I was going in lucid. (Oooooh how I need to increase lucidity in all dreams! – would make life much easier! …..including this physical one. 😉

The haunted houses in my dreams are always large old wooden houses – similar to the one from my childhood. But they differ from each other. So, in my meditation I upgraded the house to being modern. Now it has amazing light coloured wooden floors with walls made of white marble (like the White Tiger Marble) and the steps made of sparkly pearl. Well, the list goes on and on and I was able to hold my meditational focus until the entire house was transformed!

Pretty awesome, eh.

In one of the rooms at the back I found my younger self hovering in fear on an old rotting couch. I took her into my arms and we cuddled for awhile. Then I changed the room around us to have the light coloured polished wooden floors that is throughout the rest of the house and even put in a full wall sized movie screen that doubles as a portal.

You can have a lot of fun designing a home in the Dreamtime – you can do anything!

And so, even though I don’t consciously have out-of-body experiences – not fully lucid as yet – I can certainly use the meditational state of theta to do innerwork.

I know there’s more fear in my patterns, and it may take a bit more time to shake it all off or transmute it. This mundane world is full of fear anyways. It’s all over the place!

If you’re having haunted house dreams feel into what it might mean for you. And, if you can, sit in meditation you can “lighten” the place up a bit which makes it easier for you to understand the meaning of your dream. It’s powerful personal development and spiritual development innerwork.

Good luck, and enjoy!





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