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Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

What’s a Mindfuck?

A few nights ago a dream woke me.

I received a Certificate of the Defense Arts from Ziggy’s School of Wonderment Magic. In the dream this meant that I was accepted to train in, excel at and later on teach Defense Arts.

The next night I saw a movie with a friend. On our way home he said to me, “I was just mindfucking you because you asked a stupid question. You and your little control games.”

In our life we run across many different types of people and personalities, and each one is there to help us expand consciousness. Okay, so here’s my next lesson….

What’s a MINDFUCK?

Google says, “Something that intentionally destabilizes, confuses or manipulates the mind of another person.”

… and quite successfully it did that.

But by that definition the whole world is one big mindfuck!

Isn’t it?

I take things literally. So if you were to tell me, “Hey, I need a drink do you want to join me?”….. I think you’re thirsty and might answer, “I’m not thirsty right now.” I do not understand the inferred meaning. Not in the first instance anyways… I might catch on to it later. And yes, over time I’m catching on to these hidden cues … but there’s some that I do not get.

The Mindfuck.

What’s up with that? I mean, I’m confused enough already with trying to catch the hidden meaning, but a mindfuck is meant to confuse! Gah! In this instance I received the offering of a lie that was spoken as a truth…. and then the truth was offered… but it sounded the same as the lie… both were spoken with such conviction my head was spinning.

Much to say…. I prefer direct, open communication that speaks the truth…. and yah, I know what you’re thinkin… sometimes the truth isn’t fun to hear. But there are tonnes of ways to express the truth – you can slap it in someone’s face, or you can speak it softly with compassion.

Okay, so to revert back to the MINDFUCKing moment. Here I was sitting in the vehicle and experiencing this throughout my physical body.

What does a mindfuck feel like in your body?

It doesn’t feel like any form of positivity. It sits heavy in the body and you can feel it clench your heart tightly as if it’s being strangled. It hurts. The fog of confusion suffocated my mind. It’s meant to be confusing, right. And there’s this feeling riddled throughout my entire body that I can’t seem to describe in words. Devastation? How does devastation feel in the body to you? Maybe it feels like that. I sat there steeped in negativity, and all I wanted was this heavy feeling to stop. I wanted us to be happy again.

How you FEEL IN THE BODY is an indication of your vibrational state. When you’re feeling negativity you’re sitting in a lower vibrational state. When you’re feeling positivity you are uplifting your energy vibes. The uplifting feelings are required to expand consciousness and move towards ascension.

I don’t like how negativity feels in my body.

Absolutely fascinating to consciously experience a mindfuck. Heavy vibes that. Not fun.

Today I sit here typing this blog and am feeling rather elated with how self-aware I’ve become. Yes, I’m allowing myself to soak up very important form of POSITIVITY and that’s PRIDE. I’m proud of myself.  You see, throughout my life if someone called me a name I would break down and cry – “wild ding dong” someone said to me at lunch in Grade 2.

I was very sensitive. Take things literally. I mean, how was I supposed to be this “wild ding dong” when I didn’t even know what it referred to?

So, I sit in pride. I’ve grown.

I’m also grateful for the personal development tools I’ve accumulated. The steps to expanding consciousness starts, and often continues for awhile, with self-awareness of sabotaging patterns. Some of these family patterns were recently revealed to me – which I am so very grateful for. And now I observe them from a distant perspective with non-attachment. Sure, they might bounce and hurt – but they don’t stick.

what is a mindfuck - personal development - wyld woman goes bushAND, through this MINDFUCKing experience I looked deeply within my heart at my personal level of COMPASSION and KINDNESS. How much compassion and kindness do I emanate out into the world? How can I expand that?


I am doing the best I can with the patterns I was given as a child (the matrix or personal template), and that’s all anyone can do.

Our humans lives in this world of duality contain a myriad of challenges including depression, anxiety, loss, resentment and fear. But when you can enter those spaces of darkness being self-aware and conscious you can simply observe with non-attachment… and put into place personal development techniques.

AND THEN, the patterns don’t have a hold of you any more.

They transcend.

There are people in the world who are keen to mindfuck you. It’s their pattern, and they’re unlikely aware of such. And there are people who are in fear based patterns, manipulation, hurtful, and so on. Some are on automatic pilot with their patterns, while others are starting to wake up to the impact they have on others and themselves.

Not everyone seeks to feel lighter in their beingness.

I believe the trick is to become skilled at the Art of Defense using a variety of techniques from creating an energetic field of protection, keeping your energies uplifted and aligned with love, peace and joy, being aware of boundaries, increasing self-love, self-kindness, self-respect, AND offering compassion and kindness in return… and of course, simply observing when you accidentally run into a snake. Don’t interact with it.

Personal development is the key to expanding consciousness.

Visit my website: www.WyldWomanCoaching.com

Build your Personal Development Toolbox.








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