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Perimenopause, Depression and Anxiety

It’s amazing when it hits you. For me, perimenopause comes with all sorts of goodies including depression, anxiety, fatigue and the very confusing foggy mind. Hence, my reason for wanting to get rid of mucoid plaque – as the research states very clearly that an unhealthy colon causes many health problems.

“Perimenopause is not talked about enough” exclaimed a friend to me a few months ago. She too experienced depression and anxiety.

It’s true.

From my personal experience perimenopause is like experiencing 20 TIMES more powerful PMS symptoms that seemingly take over your body.  It was/is such a strange experience for someone like myself who considers personal development a walk in the park. The emotions seemingly grow up suddenly and hit you in the face.

LUCKILY, I consider heavy emotions an opportunity for growth. They’re not a burden as per social norms… they are a calling to STEP UP into a new way of living and being.

So, I set aside time to explore these heavy emotions.

Analysing them:

  • First the fog of the mind comes.
  • Then the ruminating thoughts that are hidden under the fog.
  • Which, of course, increases anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Then it feels like you’re out of control and sink into depression without hope.

Perimenopause symptoms occur for two weeks before my period….. YES, a two week long PMS! Ugh!

Aaaaannnnddd the ruminating! Oh, what a classic!

The monkey mind takes full control of the reigns.

I KNOW, these don’t belong to me. That’s the key of knowledge right there. The ruminating thoughts, the heavy emotions… whatever you’re experiencing… they’re don’t belong to you! They’re patterns of social constructs and/or family that you have the opportunity to TRANSCEND.

For me this significant cycle meant that my prayers were being answered. Yes, silly me. I seem to have craving for quick expansion this lifetime. That means that I ask my higher self and guides to REVEAL hidden patterns that could hinder that.

REVEAL… they do!

Any time you experience bouts of negativity use it as a TRIGGER for Personal Development and Inner Growth.1 perimenopause, depression and anxiety - personal development - wyld woman

Imagine just for a moment that you made a wish to find a POT OF GOLD … and then a rainbow appears.

That’s what negativity is – the RAINBOW.

Ok, a bit of a weird analogy but I hope you get the idea.

In order to expand consciousness and increase light and love with your physical body and entire beingness you must clear yourself of negativity – and all those horrible times, including family patterns, emotions you didn’t have the time to express, etc… clear them all out.


Here Jim Carrey talks about his expansion process and how he too experienced depression before waking up to his true self.

So yah, I consider these experiences as an awesome inner adventure. Keep in mind though that I’ve been in the field of personal development and inner work for over 20 years now and so I’ve accumulated an awesome PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TOOLBOX to work with.

A few things came to me that triggered a week long detox:

  1. Knowledge about an inner process, similar to the spontaneous CHI GONG method I was taught 20 years ago. This process allows the body, mind and heart to communicate and release all stuck emotions from the physical body. Spontaneous Chi Gong is not very well known any more so I’m feel honoured to know the process.
  2. Two friends who told me about their detox that removed mucoid plaque.
  3. My Uncle telling me of family history that is the clue to sabotaging patterns.

Yes, all this happening at once… and I was definitely going to take it all seriously and put time aside to do a detox. Before the week detox I did a Family Constellation session brought clarity to the family patterns (and the depression and anxiety I was feeling).

Now, at this point it’s important to note that any feelings of NEGATIVITY including depression and anxiety are an obstacle to anyone who wants to expand their life and living. And sure, you don’t have to change anything about how your family patterns or personal template affect you. That’s a choice.

But I’m darn serious about this Personal Development and Spiritual Development… it fuels me… I crave it… and I can’t go back into the mundane world without it. So, what I did to process DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY patterns.

  1. Delved more deeply into family patterns, including uncovering ones I was not previously aware of.
  2. Reflected and observed how these family patterns affected my automatic patterns in the past, and forgave everyone including myself.
  3. Expand love and light within all my bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).
  4. Activate positivity regularly such as peace & serenity, gratitude, love and fascination.
  5. Meditate 2 hours every day with mudras and Chi Gong.
  6. Detoxed for 7 days (and will likely do another because it feels so good to be lighter and freer)

It’s a good time to note here that you’re inner world is more expansive than the physical world. But it’s also a habit to take things personally when you start to explore, and you can get stuck in the cycle of “Why Me”, “Poor Me” quite easily.

I used all my resources including BRAINDUMPING, drawing the Personal Template on a large piece of paper so I could step back and look at it, meditation and talking directly with my higher self and guides, and even did some Family Constellation work (a friend helped me with that one).

OH! I was in paradise with this process! It truly its a bit of heaven here on earth when you explore your Inner World.

What did I discover?

What were the results?

Well, it’s a bit tricky to write in words but I’ll do my best for you.

  1. I have a deeper understanding of the facade that layered over the deeper emotions of depression and anxiety.
  2. I see clearly the patterns, and hence can now work with them with ease.
  3. I understand the patterns that my Grandmother on my Dad’s side was working with in her lifetime. I have more compassion and respect for her because I see her resilience, tenacity and how she used concentrated power of will to succeed in life.
  4. I am inspired by the both my Dad and my Grandmother’s ability to step out of the shadows and open their heart to care for others.
  5. Both sides of my family have amazing people in them who get things done and expand their life and living.
  6. I have a choice of what to choose and see this clearly in the moment.
  7. I am expanding.

Also, what has started to happen is my intuition is growing. I mean, I’m fairly intuitive anyways as a Reiki Master/Teacher, but WOW, it seems the veil to the other side is less for me now. I’m not sure how else to explain it. You see, when you shift the layers of fascade around you and shift old patterns – you become lighter and more aligned with the higher energies. I’ve been doing this for years now and it’s been such an amazing experience to observe myself expanding.

So, my experience with PERIMENOPAUSE is not one to be grumbled about but rather as a FASCINATING JOURNEY OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and expansion. If you’ve been inspired by this blog to delve more deeply into personal development and “lighten your life” and expand your beingness…. you might like to visit my other website: WyldWomanCoaching.com.

Oh, and if you’re keen to know how this story unfolds and whether the symptoms of perimenopause ease with this process please SUBSCRIBE!

Love, Peace & Joy





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