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Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Lake Hart | A Salt Lake in Australian Outback

Wow. Lake Hart, a Lake of Salt! Quite a fascinating sight. I’m driving on these long – very very long roads in Australia’s outback – and suddenly this view appears … Continue reading

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Your Thoughts are Not Your Own!

Are your thoughts your own? What thoughts are yours? And where do they come from? It’s well known today, especially in personal development realms, how social media, television ads and … Continue reading

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Haunted House Dreams

Okay, after one week + one week of doing a detox I’m really sensitive to thoughts and energies. Really sensitive. Last night I was woken by this horrendous haunted house … Continue reading

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15 Day Detox with Juices

Okay, so a few days after completing the 7 day detox using Vegan Soups I decided to step into another one… a bit longer this time… and a bit more … Continue reading

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What’s a Mindfuck?

A few nights ago a dream woke me. I received a Certificate of the Defense Arts from Ziggy’s School of Wonderment Magic. In the dream this meant that I was … Continue reading

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Perimenopause, Depression and Anxiety

It’s amazing when it hits you. For me, perimenopause comes with all sorts of goodies including depression, anxiety, fatigue and the very confusing foggy mind. Hence, my reason for wanting … Continue reading

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7 Day Detox Experience

Wow. Wow. Wow. What an experience! I’m feeling sooooooo… very good I think I’ll do this again! (If you need a catch up please read my BLOG 7 Day Detox … Continue reading

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