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Holding a Frilled Neck Lizard

This morning I was going through my blogs and found this one – one I started last year, but never finished.

Ooooohhhh… it brings back good memories of Tropical North Queensland where you see some amazing critters and creatures such as the Cassowary (very big bird) and the Frilled Neck Lizard.

A popular little fellow because of its good looks. They’re absolutely fascinating to see run – reminds me of  a cartoon character and always makes me laugh-out-loud (LOL).

So, here I was wandering through the bush with an awesome friend and there appears this frilled neck lizard. OH, what a delight to see my friend chase after him as he knows their routine – these lizard usually run up a tree and hide behind it…

He snatches it behind the frill and hands it to me.


Hold it behind the frill, and hold the tail.

Well, I’d need a video of that, eh?

Not so expert of a video moment, but wow what a thrill of an experience!

My next adventure a few weeks later was to eat a witchety grub – raw – but you’ve already seen that. 😉 Oh, the fun!

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