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Google Vs Feeling

There’s a JOKE we often say, “Google knows everything”. And so we rely on Google for all our information and knowledge from facts, to quotes, to history and even HOW TO do anything.

But how much is too much?

A friend of mine went to a baby shower and the women were invited to write down a lovely saying to bless the birth of the baby. Many of them GOOGLED for what to write down.

What the? How very touching, eh?

That’s not from the heart – from our feeling centre. It’s from the intellectual mind. Now, when you’re in a sacred moment of blessing a baby’s birth certainly you can dig into your feelings and offer a heartfelt message.

Energy vibes are in everything. We are energy. Our thoughts and feelings are energy. When you GOOGLE for sacred ceremony its not really feeling into the natural vibe or energy flow.

This morning I sat in a state of INNER REFLECTION and contemplated what someone said to me yesterday. She asked, “Do you do ceremony? I see you offering something to fire – in ceremony.”

Messages from your GUIDES come to you in many ways. In this instance, when my friend asked this question I felt a buzzing sensation (the only way to describe it) – and to me this means a message.

So, I MEDITATED on this and sure enough a full fire ceremony came in my vision. I now know what I’ll do.

Did I GOOGLE it?

I did. I spent about 1 minute looking up a Native American fire ceremony. This was after the first HOUR MEDITATION, and then followed by another HOUR or so MEDITATION.

In the meditation sat a man by a fire. He was round, not skinny. He was fair skinned, but not white. He said nothing. Just sat there tending to the fire.

My crown chakra buzzed. Still is actually – and that meditation was this morning.

So, there we sat with no words – at the fire – in my meditation. And then pictures and feelings came. That’s how the spirit world communicates.

Our technological world has taken humans away from FEELING INTO things, from using their GUT INSTINCT and/or INTUITION.

How can you get back to that?




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