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Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

The Inner Self

If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that my life is guided by an inner voice, intuition and gut instinct. They’re all pretty much the same albiet a slight tweak in energy feeling.

When I first started this blog I had what I described as a Magnetic Pull to travel North. It was an inner knowing that nagged and nagged me until I went. I often have these inner feelings… they come and go throughout my life.

In fact, in 1996 I had a gut instinct to travel to Australia. It was a deep knowing inside of  myself that I was to go – and that I wouldn’t return to Canada. So, on that feeling I sold my car, cancelled my car insurance, and got rid of most of my things. Some how I knew I wouldn’t return.

In fact, I’ve become so familiar with this inner feeling that it has become a voice I turn to when I want wisdom or advice. In his book called Where are you going? Swami Muktananada mentions the importance of recognising and listening to the INNER SELF which is the expansive God being.

That very Atman or Essence is Ram and Rahim, Krishna and Karim, Jesus and Moses as well. He is the sole support of att. This universe is a manifestation of His infinite play.  Swami Muktananada from the Beezone.com

It’s like if you were to pray to God – you get this feeling that he’s heard your prayers. It started that way for me. Raised in the Dutch Christian Reformed church we prayed. I remember one specific time my Opa stressed to my young mind the importance of prayer. He spoke with a wisdom tone of voice – definite and direct, with kindness and love. After that I decided to try it. One night I was feeling scared in the middle of the night – had a nightmare or something – and I prayed for feelings of peace and love. Instantly I felt it. That confirmed for me then that prayer works.

Today I don’t only speak to God I also call on what I refer to as “The Grandfathers” which are wise enlightened beings who are a constant presence in my life: Meher Baba, Shirdi Baba, Rama, Jesus Christ and that old Japanese man on a mountain top in Japan who appeared in my dream one night. They all come to me in turn – lately it feels as if they are one – and indeed this is how Swami Muktananda refers to them. (Although this has changed since I faced the BLACK WOLF – the Grandfather pattern I discovered in this BLOG – you can read that here).

A few times I spoke with TARA, a heavenly deity who hears the cries of beings experiencing misery in samsara. Wow, she’s quick at helping. Wow, so quick.

The INNER SELF, the more you become familiar with it, the easier it is to free flow with it… and the more it works for you.

For instance, 20 years ago or so I was going to go for a walk in the bush and I had this inner voice repeating, “snakes awake, snakes awake”… it was coming into the summer season and so I said to the voice, waving it off, “yah yah, I’ll take the dog” and so me and the dog when for a bush walk (Australian bush) and sure enough we ran across a snake. The dog stopped in her tracks and then a snake rose above the 1+ foot high long grass. NO JOKE. She turned, tail between her legs, and ran past me. I turned and followed her feeling like the snake was nipping at my heeels. Not many snakes will do that – but when they’re breeding they will.

I never doubted that INNER SELF voice again. I’ve learned to listen to it closely. In the book A Cave in the Snow Tenzin Palmo was warned by the inner voice to move before a boulder fell on the spot she was standing.

The INNER SELF led me through many years researching and experiencing the area of personal development. Thought awareness, emotional intelligence, positivity and the ability to consciously change ones energy vibes in the moment – all this knowledge has been saturated throughout my entire beingness. I’ve been through years of University Degrees (5 in total), and self-publishing 5 books, and through personal experience in transforming my personal patterns (see the most recent one as I faced the BLACK WOLF – a family pattern).

A spectacular INNER JOURNEY led by the INNER SELF.

I feel very blessed.





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