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Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

Wyld Woman Coaching

Wyld Woman Coaching is juicy good online Life Coaching for Women. For over 20 years I’ve been involved in Personal Development and have noticed fine details of how a person can alter their energy vibration to magnetise what they want, even change their life.

Wyld Woman Coaching was inspired by my journey as I put into practice all that I know on a daily basis and the results were amazing. When I maintained a high level of POSITIVITY (on purpose activating at least 1 of the 10+1 forms positivity when negativity was creeping up) miraculous things were magnetised to me and I had some awesome experiences.

When I cultivated MINDFULNESS I gained insights and wisdom but also used this as a tool to maintain Positivity. Both of the above techniques further deepened my connection to SELF – the INNER VOICE – and I became more intimately aware of the matrix of beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that created my reality – and how to steer them into what I wanted to create. The process is quite amazing as I progress on my journey of being an inner magician – the way of the magician kind of describes this process.

Hence, as I move through this process I realised how amazing it would be to share this with other people. Life is amazing in this vibrational state. So, I created Wyld Woman Coaching, an initiative of the Positivity for Better Living Foundation which is a New Humanities Collaborative Community inspired by Meher Baba.

I offer wyld woman coaching 5three Personal Development Coaching packages on 3 key areas in which I use every day in my personal life: 100% You, Positivity and Mindfulness. I offer these three packages as Life Coaching for Women.

You see, throughout my higher education, research and experienced I developed this process that helps changes your energy vibe to magnetise want you want. These are based on Western scientific theories in counselling and psychology, as well as from ancient Eastern traditions.

I have a broad interest in Personal Development & Positivity because by combining strategies in both arenas I’m consciously designing life in every moment.  It’s quite fascinating, and of course I still have much to learn. It’s like putting a puzzle of knowledge and wisdom together into a daily practice and then you suddenly discover another piece to the puzzle. And then it expands.

(See my other websites: www.PersonalDevelopmentInsights.com & www.PositivityforBetterLiving.com)


personal development coaching for women



How did I come into the area of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING?

The INNER SELF led me through many years researching and experiencing in the area of personal development. Thought awareness, emotional intelligence, positivity and the ability to consciously change ones energy vibes in the moment – all this knowledge has been saturated throughout my entire beingness. I’ve been through years of University Degrees (5 in total), and self-publishing 5 books, and through personal experience in transforming my personal patterns (see the most recent one as I faced the BLACK WOLF – a family pattern).

I’m not saying this to boost the ego or brag – but rather as a point of fact. It’s as if I’ve learned some of the great Dharma Teachings throughout my passion of improving my own life and then through that, further developed realisation while helping others unplug from the matrix and improve their lives.wyld woman coaching video testimonials

As you can see I’m 110% dedicated to my spiritual and personal development.

I’m not your usual Life Coach that pushes and pushes my way into your life with deadlines and advertisements.

I don’t like SALES PAGES, hence you’re not reading one now. 🙂

I flow. 🙂

I ACTIVATE POSITIVITY daily and it’s noticeable. You’ll come to me as a client and feel like family. And, be shown those sabotaging patterns with ease – and transform them with glory. It’s a positive life changing experience.

Hence, my gentle and informative introduction to Wyld Woman Coaching, life coaching for women. Visit the website for details on the different personal development coaching packages.

Powerful personal development and self-improvementlife coaching for women in Positivity, 100% and Mindfulness – also including a package of Deep Powerful Innerwork for those more advanced.

Please visit the website and feel into these packages and if they are right for you at this time of your life. Then contact me for more information or make your purchase.

(Sorry for the rambling. I’d rather share with you my experience and knowledge – rather than do a SALES PAGE).



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