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Your Life Adventure Begins Now

What other time can it begin?

There is no other time except NOW. The past is gone, and the future will never come. Your life adventure begins now.

Sometimes people get stuck in a routine doing the same job over and over again day after day. They wish they had something different. They wish they could be different. They wish to have different experiences.

All this wishing and thinking certainly draws different situations and people to you, but if you are not living fully in the present moment you don’t notice these offers of change from the universe.Your adventure begins with personal development.png

You see, you resonate a particular energy vibe with your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. When you start to think about a new job or a holiday this generates emotions and feelings. When your beliefs align with that WISH then your being-ness starts to resonate with that energy vibe magnetising new adventures to you.

Now, sometimes this adventure comes in the form of a person giving you a message or offering new ideas to broaden your thinking and doing. When/If you notice this being magnetised into your life you can then take action and dive into the new adventure with acceptance and eagerness.

A couple of years ago I was eager to learn more about the Aboriginal Australian culture and so I dived into that adventure fully trusting my creation process to unfold through my travels.

Now I’m creating a new adventure of fully absorbing myself in spiritual development, and in order to do so my focus is needing to be inwards. All distractions, attachment, mind games, and other ways of the 3rd dimensional reality will be put aside – as much as possible. Of course, the creation process can only be NOW – as it is the only moment that actually exists.

If you’re reading this blog and want to make changes in your life I highly recommend jumping onboard the exciting adventures of Personal Development and Positivity…. as these are two awesome tools you can use to set your life in motion in a new direction.

Woohoo! The fun!




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