Wyld Woman Goes Bush

Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

Sacred Multi-Cultural Women’s Business

It’s a powerful thing when a group of MULTI-CULTURAL women gather together with the intention of generating LOVE & KINDNESS.

It was a glorious Sunday morning and I was lazily stretching after doing my morning ritual of a Loving Kindness Meditation. In my mind and being-ness everyone was softly enveloped in a light pink bubble of love. The meditation starts with myself generating love, then imagining soft love gently enveloping close friends, family, locals, then travelling around the world and the multi-universes… then returning to self and going inwards.

So, there I was in a glorious uplifting vibe when I heard Sam, a Black African running by – in his bathrobe – chasing a goat. Yah, this was NOT A DREAM. The goat had gotten into the chicken pen so certainly deserved a chasing. With a giggle I got out of bed. What a glorious start to the day! I mean, how many people could say they had THIS KIND OF MORNING? Lol.

This is BUSH LIVING. I’m staying on friends’ property.

I didn’t get a picture of that morning wake-up call, but here’s a picture of the goats – back where they belong.

goats - bob and lilly sm

That Sunday was filled with adventures and continued with a swirl of activity in the camp kitchen as us women prepared for the day’s festivities. A mistake of mixing ingredients and we found ourselfs indulging in melted white chocolate and blueberries – wouldn’t want anything to go to waste, eh. That was first breakfast. 🙂

Soon after guests arrived a MULTI-CULTURAL Sacred Women’s Circle began led by the beautiful “Super Mum” we call SamSam. She was inspired to lead this group in honour of her daughter’s seven year old birthday. What a glorious and powerful honouring of having a mixture of women from all cultures and all ages join together in love.

multi cultural women sm

Here is a picture of the centre piece. You can see clearly the intentions of the circle.

womens business with love sm

And here we are in an activity throwing a ball of yarn to eachother – and before we throw it to another woman we tell her what we LOVE ABOUT HER. We are creating a WEB of LOVE in ONENESS. Beautiful.

we are one - web women

The day continues in LOVING KINDNESS as we all pitch in as community helping with the food, caring for the children and celebrating a young one’s birthday.

As the afternoon settles down I retire with my bestie at the campfire.

wiruungga and fire - sm

My day started with an adventure that I could say not many people experience. It wasn’t watching the sunrise, nor hearing the birds chirp – it was fascinatingly unique and continued that way through much Loving Kindness passing from person-to-person.

This is NEW WORLD energy we were experiencing. This is the way the world is turning. And if everyone generates this type of energy vibe within their beingness they would power this NEW WORLD vibe in their area.

Hence, by request, I’m offering these “Wyld Woman” experiences to people who wish to explore and envelope themselves in the NEW WORLD energy.

Wyld Woman Coaching will be offering Wyld Woman Bush Camps. Get in contact if you’re interested.


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