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Using Fascination Vibes to Broaden the Mind

Every day life can be a meditation.

I’m about to step into a Buddhist Community and live there for a few weeks/months – who knows – the future is hard to tell as the energies are forever changing, and I have no idea how I’m going to go living in a different routine.

However, as I contemplate on the complexities and difficulties that may arise I realise that the Positivity Vibe of FASCINATION and INTEREST could be a Godsend. This is the place of the observer in which you sit back and observe with curiousity and fascination about your new surroundings.

A completely different energy feeling than arriving at a new place with judgement – don’t you think?

Imagine for a moment carrying a tonne of baggage such as resentment, fear, judgement and a need to control – as you are entering a new place. In this new place the people have been meditating for years within a particular routine that has been proven to support a spiritual practice. And here you arrive with luggage and baggage from the old world expecting this and that, and fearing this and that, and judging this and that.

Not very productive, huh.

What would be the sole purpose of stepping into a Buddhist Community of Meditation?

To experience something new.

To deepen one’s meditation practice.

Hence, it would be a good idea to leave all baggage behind and enter into this sacred space with an open mind.

Fascination and Interest OPENS YOUR MIND.

Fascination is this amazing Positivity vibe that you can CHOOSE TO – on purpose – activate in order to keep your heart and mind open to new ideas and possibilties.

And so, even though I carry some previous meditation practices into this retreat – I choose to ACTIVATE FASCINATION throughout the days so my body, mind and soul is wide open to learning new things.

How exciting.

But how will I do this? What’s the practical application?

I’ll use SELF TALK. In my mind I’ll be in wonderment about the morning routine of 5am wake-up into meditation. Rather than grumble at the inconvenience and cold – albeit there will be some of that – but the idea is to drown it out with Fascination:

“WOW, I wonder how Hidden Yogis used this morning routine to reach self-realisation.”

After all, this IS the practice that develops enlightenment and that awesome SHAMANIC being-ness.

WOW. The very idea of that has just boosted my excitement 10-fold!

WOW. wow. wow.

Yes, yes, yes… FASCINATION is definitely the key to broadening the mind. If you’re about to step into a new world, a new hobby, a new group or business meeting – I highly recommend activating positivity in the form of fascination and interest.









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