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Looking for a Guru

Please note: This blog was written BEFORE I stayed at the Monastery. And hence, I was still seeking. Now I realise that I AM my own Guru. 🙂 My little stay at the Monastery was hugely transformational – have a read. 🙂


Have you ever noticed how things fall into place when you need it?

A few years ago I would never have thought of following a Guru. Coming from a Dutch Christian Reformed Church there was noooo way I was going to worship a human being.

So, why I’m looking for my Guru now?

Well, after reading many books on Shamanism and the Spiritual Path through Tibetan Buddhism I’ve come to realise that it’s not about worshipping another human being. It’s about feeling a deep reverence, love and connection. When you are dedicated to feeling deep love – whether you are loving one person deeply or an object or yourself or anything else – you’re stepping into the love vibration.

Now, if you sit in that uplifting LOVE feeling for long periods of time… let’s say you’re dedicated to a Guru for years and years of service…. well, you naturally change your energy vibration.

Er, the idea is to have such a devoted focus on the essence of LOVE that it transforms you. So, it’s not really about the Guru – it’s about developing a deeper connection to SELF – which is the God inside of us all.

Why am I looking for a Guru then?

In the book A Cave in the Snow it is described how Tenzin Palmo felt when she met her Guru for the first time. They had many previous lifetimes together and so instantly knew each other. She felt deep love for the man. It’s like he could see right through her – all her energy vibrations – and he knew what she needed to achieve self realisation enlightenment.

When I was with the Australian Aboriginal Medicine man I felt a sense of belonging and love. He welcomed everyone into his home without prejudice and at any time. Everyone felt loved and accepted. It was lovely.

When I was hugged by Amma I felt peace and love.

Love essence is an amazing shift.

However, a Guru, who is of the Buddha mind/essence has the ability to see your past and future incarnations and knows what steps you need to take to reach enlightenment. It’s like shining a torch on the path so you know exactly which way to go to get where you want to go.

It’s the easy way, and would be heavenly to experience.

I have not yet found the Guru who can look through me and know all my incarnations and tell me who I used to be, or who knows what I need to reach enlightenment.

Although I have had this inner knowing all my life that has led me on the spiritual path. When this INNER VOICE speaks I follow it wholeheartedly and without hestiation because over time it has proven that whenever I follow its lead there’s an amazingly positive outcome.

IF I could meet that INNER VOICE in a Guru – well, that would be amazing!

For me, this inner voice is my best friend. Whenever I’m alone sitting in silence it speaks. I can ask it questions and get very wise answers. It’s not like speaking to someone with words, rather in feelings and knowing. That part is hard to explain.

In conclusion, I’m open to the idea of finding a Guru who can see through me… that would satisfy my mind…. and perhaps my spirit too.

Yet, I acknowledge the power of my INNER SELF and the guidance I receive from the ancestors.

I’m open to receiving the unlimited wisdom and knowledge of the Universe with Ease, Joy and Glory.



2 comments on “Looking for a Guru

  1. Arnell Hill
    July 7, 2017

    Maybe you are the guru you have been looking for?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carmyn
      July 8, 2017

      Indeed. 🙂 Interesting the different journeys we take to get to our destination … and realisation.


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