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I Can Send Energy with My Thinking

Energy swirls all around us every day. It actually encompasses our entire being. We’re made of energy… universal energy. When you think something, “I like her” then a positive energy vibe grows within your being towards that person. When you think, “She annoys me” this thought grows a negative feeling within your being towards that person.

The positive and negative vibes you generate with your thoughts spirals throughout your day and if you have more positive than negative you’ll feel GOOD at the end of the day, whereas if you have more negative than positive thoughts you’ll have a heavy bad feeling at the end of the day.

If you don’t believe me – try it for yourself like I did back in 1996 and you’ll see the difference.

Since my conscious intention experiment in 1996 I’ve been constantly aware of my thoughts and what I’m creating – I’m not an expert of generating 100% positive feelings, but I’m certainly on to it when I create a negative one and aim to transform that into positive. In the past few years I’ve added an additional conscious intention routine to my days which include ACTIVATE POSITIVITY. I’ve found this works brilliantly for generating good vibes AND magnetising good things.

At this point I’ll steer you over to my website Positivity for Better Living for a quick look.

In Reiki we practise sending healing energy to loved ones. We might write down their name on a piece of paper or intend that a stuffed toy (teddy bear or other) is representing that person. Then we do the Reiki symbols and sit quietly intending that they will receive healing energies.

Lately I’ve been sensitive and alert to energy vibes when I’m first meeting someone or when chatting with a friend. I’ve noticed that if/when I have even a brief negative thought about them or their situation that the doors start closing between us – it’s like a building a wall. But when I catch that thought and replace it with a positive one ON PURPOSE then the conversation starts to flow and the connetion deepends. It’s quite fascinating.

Again, as stated above, it’s great to try this yourself to see the affects in every day relating.


Choose to think negative.

Then choose to THINK POSITIVE.

Or catch your negative thoughts…

……….easiest way I’ve found to do this is to use your body as the feeling monitor… when your body tenses or feels heavy you’re thinking negative. So, catch that negative and then STOP IT – and then choose something positive.



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