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Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

Getting Rid of Stuff with BAD Vibes

Before my journey North 2 years ago I got rid of all my possessions except for the basics that I required to live … well, so I thought…..

At the time of writing this blog I’m preparing to go to a Meditation Retreat and am also preparing to do a very long walk of 932, or os, kilometres. I am unclear what may happen – the future is unknown – except that I’m wanting to retreat in the bush.

My comfort levels are telling me it would be ideal to stay in the Meditation Retreat and not walk home… but I will not know if this is possible until I arrive there and see if they have space for me…. and where the MAGNET PULLS.

YET, the overall message from the INNER VOICE is to get rid of all possessions that old past memories or negative emotions.

WOW. Do you know how difficult this is?

I only have a small amount of stuff compared to the every day Westener, but I have accumulated some “pretty” things and some “really cool” things…. not really practical for a solitary retreat or a bush walk.

As I travel the unknown…I need to sort out my things according to this UNKNOWN and leave behind anything that I can’t CARRY IN A BACKPACK.


WOW. Do you know how difficult that is?

Do I take my new blue shirt I bought at AMMA’s hugging day? It says, “One World, One Home.” And what about my deliciously comfortable blue bush tucker shirt? Those two are precious to me. But I also have bush walking shirts that are green or grey – I like green or grey or brown for bush walking clothes – I have no idea why it just feels right.

So, that’s 5 shirts to fit in my backpack. That’s WAAAAY too many shirts for a backpack.

I’ve been researching the weight of backpacks and found out that there are people who are ULTRA LIGHT hikers and only carry 2 kilos or something ridiculous like that. And some people say that 1/4 or 1/3 of your body weight is ideal… while others recommend 1/5th of the body weight. I tried on a pack with 10kilos the other day and gosh that was heavy.

Okay, so 5 shirts is way too much. And I’ll have to toss out the binoculars too. No jeans allowed. Too heavy.

And so this frenzy of packing a suitable weighted pack has been consuming me for the past few weeks.



Only take what invokes positive vibes…. or neutral vibes. The Inner Voice.

Nothing you’re attached to…. nothing with past memories… nothing with negativity.

Hhmm…. okay, so I’ve heard this a thousand times it seems. All my life perhaps. The INNER VOICE always prompts me to check the items in my home and get rid of what doesn’t feel right.

This is a really great PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUE for anyone who wants to de-clutter their mind, shed old worries, heal their body, magnetise good things to them, stop sabotaging cycles, or get motivated for self improvement and personal change. I would say it’s probably the first thing to do.

As you go through the process of getting rid of things with negativity you hold each one in your hand OR just bring your FULL FOCUS to the item… and FEEL what energy vibe it invokes for you. Don’t judge it. Just feel it. If it brings up old memories that make you feel bad – toss it. No questions. No hesitations. Just toss it. Of course, some people can’t do this and they prefer to keep their items. That’s ok too. It’s really up to you. But I can tell you what an amazing feeling it is to have only uplifting positive vibes surrounding you – in your home, items, people, and so on.

It’s brilliant!

I recently read a blog about Shirdi Baba that said when his disciple Upasni was on a secluded retreat that he denied him food because it was not made with love. Whether this be true or not – the vibration of everything affects us.

Hence, I now not only have the task of weighing my pack for my body size – but I also need to hold each item to learn if it contains positive or negative vibes.

Shirdi Baba walked in rags.


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