Wyld Woman Goes Bush

Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

Where Are You Going? by Swami Muktanana

My curiousity for Spiritual Development has led me to Tibetan Buddhism – and most recently I ran across the most interesting book by Swami Muktananda called Where Are you Going?

where are you going - swami - wyld woman goes bush 2

Standing in a second hand book store I picked up the book and read a sentence – this is what I do to decide if the book has a similar “vibe” as my life path. The first sentence, second sentence and whole paragraphs was like reading my own thoughts – the book was reading my mind, er soul. So, I bought it and now it’s a valuable part of my collection – I think I have only 4 books in my collection. Books come and go as needed, but very few stay.

This book is for someone who is on a spiritual quest and wants to deepen their understanding and practice. How many times have you felt lost in habitual patterns of thinking and doing? Have you ever wondered why you regularly sabotage your dreams and goals? Have you reflected on how you can step aside from these habits and karmic patterns?

“O friend, where are you going? Where have you come from, and what are you supposed to do? You belong to the supreme Truth, but you have forgotten your origin. Now it is time to get back on the main road.”

We are all Divine Truth, God Source.

“You are already realized God. You just don’t have the awareness that God is within you. You assume that you are far from God. But think about this: If you don’t have God right now but try to attain Him through sadhana, spiritual practice, there is always the chance you might lose Him again. For example, suppose I do not have a necklace. I make an effort and get one, but since thenecklace is not a part of me, I might lose it after awhile. In the same way, if you did not have God already, then even if you attained Him you might lose Him in the future. You have already realized God; however, you are not aware of it.”

Why is that?

We are seemingly caught in a world of duality in which there are conflicting thoughts to keep us entertained. This is right, that is wrong. I am better than them. Think positive, stop negative thinking. It’s all part of the world of duality that keeps creating Samsara/Karmic patterns. Throughout the years I have explored the area of Personal Development and Positivity. All the scientific research that says a higher positivity ratio than negativitiy has many health and well-being benefits. While this is indeed true and living in positivity is much more enjoyable that negativity – it is still living in the world of duality.

Confusing for the mind which is so familiar with the patterns of duality. But that’s to be expected. If we are to become aware of our fully realised God-Self then we must know that everything is as one – there is no US and THEM or any form of duality. Everything is God.

“You will discover the value of this body when you see your own inner Self. The human body is a temple within which God dwells in the form of the Self. However, to know this, you must turn within through meditation. In your present state, you have only partial awareness. You know the world only as it appears in the waking state.”

So, it seems, the SPIRITUAL SEEKER go within in a state of meditation to deepen knowledge of the SELF. And no matter how many books we read or workshops we attend – the only way to reach this state of through meditation.

The trouble is our Western world doesn’t respect this spiritual path and only skims through meditation – as one might attend a 1 hour meditation class once a week. As anyone would tell you it’s common sense that if you were to learn a new skills or change part of your personality it takes a dedicated focus and practice.

Hidden Yogis, Shamans and Guru all reach their state of Self-Realisation by putting aside the normal every day life and retreat into meditation.

Hhmm… tempting…





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