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Lucid Dreaming | Tibetan Dream Yoga

This will be me in a couple of months/years.

The breadcrumbs on my path has lead me to Astral Travel (the term) which has led me to Lucid Dreaming (which seems more accurate a term) and then to Tibetan Dream Yoga (where the process is more in-depth).

Last night I listened to this great YouTube video on Lucid Dreaming – an interview with Charlie Morley.


What did it do for me? – the Video?

Well, it confirmed what I feel inside.

You know that feeling you get inside – that magnet pull – when you feel drawn to something so intensely that you can’t avoid it because your thoughts and feelings are consumed by the topic.

Yah, that.

Since January I’ve been practicing – on and off – Astral Travel. To do this I read books on Astral Travel, watched YouTube videos and practice techniques. Throughout this study I came across Tibetan Dream Yoga.

Tibetan Dream Yoga is more comprenhensive. It delves deeply into layers of your being and encourages transformation of the dark sides of self in dreams – including fear. This in turn changes self in the 3rd dimension reality.

So last night after listening to Charlie Morley I started talking to SELF out loud – having a great conversation about Lucid Dreaming and these other dimensional realities.

Charlie Morley confirmed two important facts for me:

1. He used Lucid Dreaming to heal his eyes and no longer wears glasses. I wear glasses and deep down know that it’s possible to heal any part of my body – er, I rather think of it slightly different now though. The body is a dream body and hence it’s up to the DREAMER to become aware that he/she is dreaming and then the body can be DREAMT into full health and power.

2. We can be in many states of consciousness at once. We can BE the person society knows us to be – “I am being Carmen” AND we can be aware that we are also the person sitting across from us AND be aware that we are part of everything… realise our unlimited beingness entirely in one moment.

Hence, my prattling from SELF to SELF has become much clearer and in fact decided to name the different parts of SELF to make it clearer in the moment where the information is coming from. For instance, as I went to sleep last night I said to SELF that this consciousness is named Carmen and that I wanted a name for my Astral body too – a different name. So, when I returned (from the night time travels) to the essence as Carmen, I (God Self), could greet Carmen and then pass on information from (Astral body name) – which I was hoping would increase Lucidity as the conversations unfolded.

As I went to bed I touched my blanket and confirmed that this blanket was just as “alive” in this 3rd dimensional reality dream state – and I felt it’s “aliveness” – and that the blanket was also me. An aspect of SELF/God.

One other valuable thing I picked up from Charlie Morley is the WEIRD TECHNIQUE. When you notice something in your daily life and go, “Wow, that’s weird,” you can use this moment to check if you’re dreaming. One thing I can’t get my head around is that YES, we have a reality (3rd dimension) in which everyone calls the “Waking” state, but we’re not actually awake (unless you are) and hence this 3rd dimensional reality can also be called as the DREAM STATE – and hence, reality checks of whether this is a dream or awake state is a bit confusing for me. Charlie confirmed this suspicion of mine mentioning that the Indigenous Shamans could indeed fly, go through trees, or travel underground – BECAUSE THEY REALISED THAT THIS DREAM STATE is only a dream.

So, yah. My current confusion with “reality checks”. It’s all a dream.


Hence, my reasoning for saying “3rd Dimensional Reality” as it’s the only term my mind grasps as being “THIS” reality.


Here’s Charlie Morley in action. He not only confirmed for me that I’m indeed not crazy for following my passion – he confirmed for me that YES my weird thoughts are indeed a reality!

Let me know your thoughts. Might help me clarify my thoughts. 🙂


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