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Stuck in a Matrix | Personal Template

stuck in a matrix - personal development insights.pngYou get to a certain stage in your Personal Development when you start to realise that you’ve accumulated all these rules of living to fit into the world, your family, culture, religion and so on. Some people refer to this as the MATRIX or Personal Template for Living.

You were taught what to think, how to feel and how to behave, and this is regulated upon what the social world mirrors to you.

These social constructs dictate your living today. They influence your diet, self-esteem, feelings of love and relating, how you treat plants and animals, your fashion sense, what toothpaste you use, and so on. Your entire human experience is based on this Personal Template.

In the past few months I realised this is similar to what Indian Yogis refer to as Samsara or as others refer to as Karmic patterns. The MIND, with all its letters and words, is the source of our sense of individuality and separateness. Unfortunately, we have come to see the MIND and the sense of duality as truth.

In Personal Development we explore the fine details of your Personal Template by moving through a few different techniques that first reveal the specific core beliefs, thoughts, attitude, feelings and emotions…those regular patterns you cycle through. Next, we look at which ones are hindering your success, sabotaging your progress, and limiting you from expanding. And then we change them.

This is the first stage. You identify the MATRIX and what’s in the MIND as something that does not belong to you – but rather, something that you’re experiencing as part of the social world. The social world however is only part of the mind and is our imagination.

So, you observe the mind. Once you make your mind steady you can then change the negative thinking to positive thinking. This greatly improves how you feel and your overall happiness and satisfaction.


Have you ever heard this popular saying, “Think outside the box?”. Have you ever wondered what that actually means?

With this popular saying in mainstream social norms it seem obvious that we already know that our thoughts are indeed limiting and that it would be beneficial sometimes to choose different thought patterns then the ones we’re already familiar with.

… to unplug from the matrix ….and choose something different than what we’re already experiencing.

There are a few favourites personal development techniques I like to use to explore this Personal Template… of course the most well-known one is to keep a THOUGHT DIARY… thought awareness is a necessary and great beginning. Writing in a thought diary for 5 minutes every day is like shining a torch or flashlight in the dark and revealing what’s there. You can’t really make effective changes unless you can see what you’re working with.

You can also do a BRAINDUMP which is where you use a large piece of paper (really large) and write down what comes to mind in point form (one word or a short phrase). You keep yourself writing by looking at other words or phrases on the page and write what comes to mind again. Eventually you’ll have the page full of words, insights and ideas. THEN, you look at it and contemplate.

There are more personal development tools to start realising what’s in your Personal Template… and that’s a very necessary first step.

Once you realise what’s in your MATRIX and MIND you then #2 change it to positive and practice that for a while and then #3 you turn your mind inwards so it becomes still. I’ll discuss this more in detail as I explore it more myself. I’ll be using a Tibetan Buddhist method for achieving self-realisation so that the SELF reveals itself.

Feel free to browse my PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT INSIGHTS website for more ideas on Personal Development.

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And when you’re ready go to: Wyld Woman Coaching for sessions that take you through this process. Although, please note, there are times when I might be on sabbatical meditating.


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