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Monthly Archives: June, 2017

I Can Send Energy with My Thinking

Energy swirls all around us every day. It actually encompasses our entire being. We’re made of energy… universal energy. When you think something, “I like her” then a positive energy … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Stuff with BAD Vibes

Before my journey North 2 years ago I got rid of all my possessions except for the basics that I required to live … well, so I thought….. At the … Continue reading

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Where Are You Going? by Swami Muktanana

My curiousity for Spiritual Development has led me to┬áTibetan Buddhism – and most recently I ran across the most interesting book by Swami Muktananda called Where Are you Going? Standing … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming | Dream Yoga

This will be me in a couple of months/years. The breadcrumbs on my path has lead me to Astral Travel (the term) which has led me to Lucid Dreaming (which … Continue reading

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Stuck in a Matrix | Personal Template

You get to a certain stage in your Personal Development when you start to realise that you’ve accumulated all these rules of living to fit into the world, your family, … Continue reading

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The Story of My Journey through Toilets

Such a weird idea to blog about toilets. But I’m very practical. The world of duality has become very obvious to me…. glaringly in my face… and it has become … Continue reading

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