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Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

A little over 2 years ago I was very active in Personal Development creating all sorts of goodies including writing books, developing online courses and even hosting online radio shows. I have all those resources at my fingertips today – which is great.  But the most interesting aspect of diving deeply into Personal Development is how it changed me.

One day I had a fellow online radio host ask if I would do an interview on what it meant to have a Minimalist Lifestyle.


I’ve never heard that term before.

And then I researched it….

Supposedly there is a Minimalist Movement on the planet at this time. People are starting to see their clutter, chaos and addiction to buying more stuff. The notice how they are  suffering from chronic stress and pressure to meet their financial debts. They see and reflect on how they live with too much pressure, too many commitments, too many addictions… and don’t have enough time on activities that Activate Joy.

Once life gets too high in excess there’s this tipping point when you realise that stuff just doesn’t give you the happiness and satisfication you thought it did. In fact, consumerism could be argued as one of this century’s dis-eases.

So, people have started to de-clutter and minimise…. some as far as saying that they now live a Minimalist Lifestyle. Which, if you think about it, is Indigenous…. back to the old ways we go.

When this radio show host asked to interview me I had a good look at my lifestyle and realised that – YAH – I prefer less stuff, less clutter, less busy-ness, less pressure. I prefer more freedom, inner peace and joy, clarity and time to enjoy life. I’ve shifted into that way of living. Perhaps it’s when I started to Activate Positivity daily that it shifted my mindset into this Minimalist way of living – not sure – but interesting to contemplate.

A minimalist lifestyle feels lighter.

I walk into someone’s life and see it FULL of things and clutter, collection, responsibilities and burden. It feels heavy. Lifeless. To me.

The more I get rid of stuff, and attachments (to everything), the more inner power and focus I feel.

Less focus on material possessions seems to leave room for personal development and inner spiritual development. Simplifying means peace of mind.

But other amazing benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle is that you have freedom to flow in the moment and create a life you love. And you realise deep down that you’re creating your life as it is and hence you feel motivated to fine tune your thoughts and emotions to steer your life in a direction you want it to go.

It’s fascinating.

As you’re reading my blog I hope that you’re feeling inspired to sort through your stuff – really look at it.

What does a Minimalist Lifestyle mean to me?

Less Stuff. I own less possessions. I got rid of most of my possessions early 2015.

A Bhikkhuni (Buddhist Nun) or a Bhikku (Buddhist Monk) has very little possessions. In fact, detachment is part of their training. An example of what they are allowed as part of their stuff: a bowl, robe, belt, sewing needle, razor and water filter.

Additional things are allowed for the purpose of supporting themselves and their practice such as: medicinal items, toiletries, cleaning products, documents such as birth certificate/passport, insect repellent, umbrella, shoes, maps, alarm clocks, relevent books, MP3 player for meditations or teachings, diary or notebook, strong of rosary beads, watch, and practical furniture.

To me, these things sound like an abundance… I mean, even furniture is allowed. 😉

My minimalist lifestyle is similar to that of a Bhikkhuni. For example, I own only what I need such as clothes (as minimal as is comfortable for the weather, washing times, etc), toiletries, relevant books, MP3 player, mobile phone, alarm clock (which I just bought to strengthen my practice), rucksack/bag, bedding, a pot (actually 2 – so I have that in excess), 4 mugs and 2 plastic cups (again – excess), I have 2 forks, 3 spoons, 2 butter knives and a cutting knife, 2 plates… so yah, the basics to live…there’s probably a few more bits and pieces, but you get the idea – yah.

You’d be surprised how reducing your possessions really frees up your mind to being more expansive and allowing more interesting and fascinating adventures. It’s really quite amazing.

You might like to try it one day. 😉









I don’t own:

A Television




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