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Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

My Experiences with Astral Projection

Have a Google for all the amazing things you can do when you Astral Project! First of all you’re unlimited in your Astral Body and can fly, move through time and space, visit loved ones who passed away, talk to your spirit guides, visit other worlds and talk to multi-dimensional beings… and so much more! There are people on YouTube sharing their Astral Projection stories and techniques… it’s a fascinating area to explore! When you learn more about being in the Astral Body you’ll soon realise that you do not need your physical mind to THINK and do and experience… you function just like you do now… but FREE-er.

Hence, I started practising in January 2017. I read books, did meditations, watched YouTube videos, joined dedicated astral travelling groups on Facebook (some groups are better than others) and even had a private Skype sessions with Ryan Cropper (a guy on YouTube who Astral Projects regularly). ryan2.pngYet, none of the above has launched me out of my body (consciously) – yet. I was expecting the latter would have been successful – but it didn’t help…. I actually got more information from YouTube videos and books.

I have had more vivid dreams and messages from dreams…. one time I actually became fully Lucid in a Dream and then received a weird journey from (I think) my guides.  But, I just can’t seem to get past the vibration and paralysis stage to consiously leave my body and maintain lucidity.

One time I asked a AP-er (from a Facebook group) to help me out of my body and then in the middle of the night I felt someone shaking my (astral) shoulders yelling “Wake up”… I woke up in my Astral Body and my physical body was vibrating intensely. (It felt like physical hands on my phyiscal body, but no one was there when I woke up – in the astral body – yet I was fully consciousness like I would be in my physical body.) I was new to this weird feeling and all I could think about was my physical body and its comfort. I was lying on my back and felt I needed to swallow, but because my body was paralysed (even the throat) I couldn’t swallow and so I began to worry about whether my body could breathe ok. I took 3 quick sharp breaths and my body returned to normal.

Bugger though. That was an ideal opportunity to FLY and I missed it. I’m sure if this would happen every night I would get more familiar with the feeling – but it has only happened that one time.

The practice of Astral Projection seems to be a huge leap into rigorous training into spiritual development and higher consciousness. The practice requires full PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS of the Astral Body without getting distracted with the physical body or the waking life. And if one wants to avoid the lower entities in the Astral world then a cleansing meditation is necessary before APing. You see, our thoughts and feelings immediately create our reality in the Astral Realm so anything negative or down attracts that experience straight away.

tibetan yogas of dream and sleep - astral projectionIn The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep book there are four aspects to develop in order: 1. awareness, 2. cultivating clear vision and experience, 3. developing power and strength, 4. devloping our wrathful aspects to overcome fear. As I said, full on training into higher consciousness… even moving more deeply into understanding our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

On page 30 Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche talks about AWARENESS,

“The best response to negative emotion is to allow it to self-liberate by remaining in non-dual awareness, free of grasping and aversion. If we can do this, the emotion passes through us like a bird flying through space; no trace of its passage remains. The emotion arises and then spontaneously dissolves into emptiness.” …. “You may ask why it is better to librate emotions rather than to generate positive karms. The answer is that all karmic traces act to constrain us, to restrict us to particular identities. The goal of the path is complete liberation from all conditioning.”

Most Astral Projections methods you’ll find through Google or YouTube start with a relaxation exercise to calm the body and mind. Supposedly the term “Astral Projection” is the process whereby you put your body to sleep while you’re mind (consciousness) remains awake. You observe the sleeping process of watching the body go into the paralysis stage (this doesn’t always happen to everyone but I seem to get leg paralysis each time) and then into the vibrational state where the body vibrates into a higher state so the Astral Body can separate from the Physical Body.

In the Tibetan Dream Yoga book as mentioned above they first stress that,

“A successful dream yogi must be stable enough in presence to avoid being swept away by the winds of karmic emotions and lost in the dream. As the mind steadies, dreams become longer, less fragmented and more easily remembered, and lucidity is developed.  Waking life is equally enhanced as we find that we are increasingly protected from being carried away by the habitual emotional reactions that draw us into distraction and unhappiness, and can instead develop the postive traits that lead to happiness and that support us in the spiritual journey.”

If you’ve been following my blogs and websites you’ll know that I’ve been in Personal Development and Positivity for many years. Yet, this area of Astral Projection has me stretching to new limits and pushing my boundaries of SELF knowledge. The intellectual mind need not have a say any more, but instead the switch should be fully on listening to the INNER SELF of truth. After years of trying to fit into the intellectual world – and yes, our Western world is highly focused and prized on the intellectual mind.

It’s of course necessary to use the mind to be able to think and plan, remember things, solve problems, create/invent things, carry out tasks, etc., but the problem is that its activity is so compulsive—it just runs of its own accord, and it’s difficult for it to be on one thing and be profoundly concentrated for any period of time. The mind is scattered and the thoughts go on and on, like a wheel turning around and around. ~Astral Codex

I find myself returning to the inner state I was familiar with as a child and young adult. Luckily for me my life journey has included activities such as Aiki Jiu Jitsu, Chi Gong and Reiki which keeps one’s foot in the door – makes it familiar to return to that vibrational state…. yet, much practice is needed to remain single focused for long periods.

However, it’s not just one’s own vibrational state of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you need to remain aware of – it’s also the local spirits,

“Tibetans believe that there really are spirits, beings living in a locale, and if one does something that energetically interferes with those beings, one can be affected by them in return. The provocation of local spirits may result in terrible dreams, or the inability to remember dreams, or in restlessness that prevents sleep.”

I’ve read many times that Astral Travellers believe that if someone can’t astral travel or are having bad astral travelling experiences that it is because they need to do an energy cleanse and lighten their vibrations. While this may be true, it can also be seen that other entities or spirits can affect your spiritual travelling.

And so, layers upon layers of my own beingness with layers upon layers of energetic beings and multi-dimensional universes… Astral Projection is definitely an adventure I’m striving for.

The practice of ASTRAL PROJECTION is a form of Spiritual Development…. which is my current focus. In the book Astral Codex it says,

The astral plane is humanity’s connection to spiritual realms and guidance; we all go there at death as our stay here is just temporary, but we also go there every night with dreams. Spiritual seekers throughout time have understood this connection and used it to get spiritual guidance to help them in their own spiritual journey and bring back knowledge to help people here. The astral plane is a real dimension beyond time and the body, where other beings and forces of light and darkness exist, which all have their influence upon the world here completely unbeknownst to most. By using the astral plane for spiritual knowledge we can find out what is really behind what is going on in the world today and get answers to some of the most profound questions of life, such as why we are here, where do we come from, and what happens after death—from our own direct spiritual experience. Many of these experiences in the astral plane and higher realms formed the basis of religious teachings that became the beliefs of many. Yet anyone today can leave their body and get their own experience of higher realities.”

You can download a FREE COPY OF THE ASTRAL CODEX by going over to the Nebula website (not mine).

“Astral projection is a way to understand some of the nature of consciousness and its experience of the multi-dimensional universe. Astral experiences can help you to explore not only other dimensions, but also your inner self too. You can discover hidden layers of yourself you never knew existed, and with that understanding you can change. You can also be taught about yourself, what you need to change, steps you can take in your life, and learn about mistakes you’re making, about future events affecting your life, and your dreams can become a great source of learning too. To be outside the body can be a profound experience, even life-changing. Many people after having an out-of-body experience for the first time relate how they were changed in their perception of who they are and what life was, after feeling what it was to look back at their body and realize that they were more than their body and life was more than just the material world. This kind of experience can open someone up to the realms of higher consciousness and the incredible potential that awaits us. In this book I not only explain about the astral world, but also show that it’s possible to get there, to travel and open the doors to that incredible but latent potential, which every human being has the ability to realize.”

Any how, as you can see that there’s tonnes of exciting information about Astral Travel/Astral Projection… but for now, I’ll have to leave you with all this good juicy information in hopes that we’ll both be flying in Lucidity together in the near future… like tonight? Yah, tonight would be good. 😉


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