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Non-Attachment and Disinterest, and How to Use Them

The cycle of karma continues if you continue to play the game. Hence, if you react to a situation you perpetuate an energy vibe that welcomes that same lesson back to you.

Have you ever noticed how you repeat sabotaging habits? No matter how much meditation you do or how much you practice yoga you still find the same type of relationships, connections and stuck moments of negativity.

That’s because when a situation occurs you respond the same way – hence remaining stuck in the karmic (samsara) cycle.

I found this was happening to me. I returned back to home base after six months of travelling around Australia and found that the same problems I left were still here.

“Okay”, I said to myself, “It’s time to remain conscious.”. The INNER SELF repeated “Observe, Observe, Observe.” And so I did. I interacted with the same people and the same situations but this time I was an observer rather than a player. I remain unattached and disinterested in the game.


I can’t explain in words how FREEING this is!

The people had the same patterns that they’ve cycled through for years, and this time I just observed. For the first time I saw the truth of their patterns and how I used to be addicted to the game.

My feelings?


I can highly recommend practicing non-attachment. This is not just a Buddhist trait, but a very powerful personal development tool for breaking the old patterns and stepping out of samsara – even if just a little bit at first, and then expanding this into more.

Disinterest was what I used to feel non-attachment in my body and feelings. It’s a little trick I picked up while reading an amazing book. 🙂

Just imagine how free and light you would feel!


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