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Throwing Away My High Heels

throwing away my high heels 2Well, after two years of living on the road I’ve decided to throw away my last pair of high heels. I was never much of a high heel kind of gal anyways. They’re uncomfortable and women wear them to feel sexy – as guys like that – but be-beegers, seriously? Why on earth do these look sexy anyways? Ya got me.

Sure, they’re for going out on fancy night dinners or to weddings, but in my current lifestyle those events are rare. A dinner would be at a fish & chip shop, around the campfire or at the beach. Heels look ridiculous in those places. In fact, I remember one day when I was at a market, at a permaculture village in the bush, and this woman attempts to walk across the field in high heels. With every step her heels get stuck in the grass and – yah, people were talking. Doesn’t look right. Not practical. She wasn’t a visitor either.

To toss out these glorious high heels was a HUGE decision on my part because high heels that fit my small size 5 feet are hard to come by. Shoes start at size 6 here and very rarely does a shop stock a size 5 women’s shoe…. and often times they’re not the right fit.

However, I’m downsizing once again as I’m planning to do a LONG WALK in the BUSH in the next few months.

Heels are no place for a Wyld Woman in the bush!

For me this sort of represents a “reset” of my life if you like. I used to walk in high heels, get my hair permed or curled with mousse, wear make-up (I don’t even own make-up any more!) and love to get all dressed up for a night out dancing.

After my journeys North-er – as written prior – I’ve changed. I prefer country ways, country thinking and overall a country lifestyle.

Yes, I still shave my legs.






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