Wyld Woman Goes Bush

Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

Meher Baba’s Marble

In 1999 my daughter and I were brought to Meher Baba’s Abode by a dear family friend. On the day there was an event but now I don’t recall what was actually happening. I was more enthralled with the idea of being on property where an enlightened being once stayed. The lovely people there told us stories about Meher Baba and even speculated that he may have been seen levitating in his room by one of his disciplines.

As we wandered through the yards enjoying seeing the different buildings and gardens my young daughter picked up a marble. She held it tightly. It seemed like a prize to her young mind. Then one of the disciples told us that Meher Baba liked to play with marbles and that she was very lucky because it may have been one of his. That seemingly fact fascinated my adult mind.

On my journey to North Australia I was in a shop and strange enough was kindly reminded of the enlightened Master when I saw his flyers. It was as if they magically appeared in front of me. Oh sure, they’re just flyers… but it’s not the paper itself that was impressive it was the immense amount of love I felt.

A few months alter, when I arrived at a housesit, there was a blue marble at the front door. I smiled, and that expansive loving feeling returned.

Last week someone stopped me and said, “I wanted to meet the person driving your vehicle because of the Meher Baba pictures on the front”. I have two of his pictures on the front dash board.

THEN, a few days later I realised that I was stayed at a property (a dear friend of mine recently moved on the property and I visited from time to time) which was owned by Meher Baba lovers. They had all his discourses in books which I can study any time.

So, as my meditation progresses there’s these little hints of synchronicity.

If you haven’t heard of Meher Baba he was/is a spiritual teacher who offerred teachings on the cause and purpose of life. He taught on subjects such as reincarnation, that our world is imagination, and that each soul is really God having a human life with the purpose of attaining Self-Realisation. He must be hovering above me because all these teachings have been ingrained in my knowing.

Meher Baba often when in to solitary retreat and sometimes even fasted during these. It seems all the humans who have attained a state of Enlightenment meditated in a solitary situation. Most of them went into the bush or forest cutting themselves off completely from the outside world. Tenzin Palmo in the book “A Cave in the Snow” meditated for 3 years in complete solitary.

I’m drawn to doing this and am currently researching the best place to deepen my spiritual practice. It seems I CRAVE to walk away from the mundane way of living and to meditate.


My daughter still has this marble.





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