Wyld Woman Goes Bush

Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

The End

Before my journey a friend had a reoccurring dream to give me a message. It was a strange message, “Aunty Patatushka” she said, “I don’t know if that your name or not but I had to tell you.” I looked at her with raised eyebrows. And then she said, “Oh yah, and that you have to remember where you came from”.


My plan was to absorb myself in the Indigenous Culture and learn the deep shamanic ways they have being One with the Earth. How could I maintain my own culture and system of beliefs with that mission on hand?

Now, after 2 years of travelling and visiting different Aboriginal communities across Australia and being targeted – as many outsiders have been – I realise the meaning of the message.

Where I’m from is from a place of love, joy and understanding. I originate from a Christian upbringing in which I was always safe, fed and cared for. A place where animals were treated softly with kindness…. where they are loved. A place where a vegetable garden grew every summer season lovingly prepared by Dad. A place where a healthy three course meal was provided three times a day lovingly prepared by Mom, with snacks in between. A place where sibling rivalry consisted of being annoyed with my pesky brother. A place where my brother with Downs Syndrome was given the best opportunity in life. A place where my baby sister was born into a world of loving sisters and brothers. A place where raised voices were not heard, but instead gentle communication. A place in which my wise Grandfather told me the power of prayer, and my Grandmother always eager to spread her love. A place where we could run free in the fields, pet the horses, play with the dog, climb trees and play hide-and-seek with the neighbourhood kids.

This is where I’m from. I now carry these memories as a vibrational state deep inside of me.

Looking back, I didn’t need to explore another culture. I could have done without and continued living my state of peace and harmony. But, I wouldn’t be aware of the outside world. There are things I’ve seen and heard that are base chakra stuff stuck in jealousy, sexual desire, anger and all those lower energy emotions.

To be truthful, seeing all those heavy emotions exist in human beings to that intensity really shocked me. I didn’t know people lived like that.

And it brought my stuck patterns to light. So, now I sit in contemplation and reflection with all the learnings I’ve put myself through… and I wonder…

What’s next?

Do I start another blog? I am on a powerful journey of raising my consciousness through personal development and positivity… I’m at the next stage of my evolution and am ready to expand… but what path do I take? A YouTube channel to share my experiences? Or another blog? It is yet to be decided but for now….

This blog is now complete. I return to my world.

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