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It’s Common to be Targeted

Once again I had the great honour of being targeted by an Aboriginal as being someone who was stealing their land. This seems to be quite common and certainly not to be taken personally.

I picked up a book in a second hand store a week ago in which a woman travelled to a remote Aboriginal community with eager motivation to help them – but instead was targeted with anger and jealousy. It’s common.

The deepest problem once this type of emotionally charged targeting begins is that the person being targeted is actually in physical danger – and must remove themselves from the community.

Confusion reigns as the do-gooder feels thrown from a positive path of empowering people’s lives, but actually can’t continue because another family member is jealous of the growing success of the person being helped.

…..Regardless of the targetee being offered the same help and support of the family member.

Working with a platform of tattered family patterns ripped away by whitefellas not so many years ago and a constant programming that they are not good enough to function in white man’s world the targetee cannot fathom their own success.

Even if their own family member could achieve such.

Hence, the targeted has no choice other than realising the facts as truth and seeks another path.

The overall situation brings on a disheartened feeling.

Especially after forming such close ties with other people in the community.





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