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New Fad of Worshipping Aboriginals

It’s a realistic JOKE amongst my friends.

Whitefellas seemingly worship Aboriginals. Mostly the type of  people you would call “new age” but there are also normal every day people called tourists.

People pay big money to have Aboriginal Elders come from the Northern Territories to their festivals on the East Coast to perform clap sticks. In the Aboriginal culture anyone from an outside clan group would need permission from the Traditional Elders to enter into their territory and would certainly not be allowed to perform any type of ceremony. Clap sticks were used in ceremonies. So, bringing in Elders from different lands goes against the LORE in Aboriginal culture – yet whitefellas have this idea to honour and respect Aboriginals nowadays and so pay money for them to attend their festivals.

(a cynical perspective)

Furthermore, while travelling with an Aboriginal friend I’ve witnessed a small group of new age people eager to ask questions and listen to my friend’s stories for hours. They all craved a connection with an Aboriginal and wanted to learn the culture. They gathered around him – all intently listening to his wisdom – and each one throughout the night attempted to ask private questions when he wandered away from the group. After a night or two around a camp fire they felt satiated and went their merry way.

(Another cynical perspective)

From what I can tell is that the religious pattern of needing direction from ONE being/person continues in the whitefella culture. Instead of praying to God for wisdom they are now worshipping the knowledge of the Aboriginal Australians.

Now there are a few things that come to mind while typing this blog:

  1. I’ve come a long way on my journey. When I first started travelling North to learn from the Indigenous people I also had a deep craving to learn culture. After a couple of years of attempting this I realise that the culture is indeed gone – along with the deeper wisdom everyone seeks – and along with Traditional LORE.
  2. After years of forcibly removing Aboriginal children from their families AND murdering people on the land they lived on for more than 10,000 years – the whitefellas are now scrambling to learn what they have wiped out.

What the?

So, it seems some whitefellas are craving to learn Aboriginal culture. They pay money to weave baskets or do traditional Aboriginal painting. And they buy Aboriginal Australian artefacts from all over Australia and worldwide. When I was in Katherine, NT a woman told me that a tourist was looking for an Aboriginal Healer and so paid a young man to heal her – he wasn’t a healer, but waved his hands and then took her money. People even buy didgeridoos and boomerangs as if they are interesting Aboriginal artefacts – but most times those items don’t even originate from the Aboriginal land they bought them on.

There’s a FAD going on at the moment.

If you could for a moment look at this topic from an Aboriginals perspective. What would you think if someone came into your house (yes, the bush is their home – or was at least)…

just walked into your house….

and took some of your items….

(a nic nac, a vase or your great grandmother’s ring)…

and then owned it as their own – without asking you for it’s meaning – and showed their friends the item as if it were magical or special or ancient.

YOUR item was YOURS and only has particular significance to you and your family.

Yet, Aboriginal artefacts were taken from caves, from people AND are now even made in factories….

but have no meaning or significance to whitefellas…

It’s all about money.

But it’s said to be honouring and respecting Aboriginals in Australia.


Note: I have no Aboriginal items I bought from shops.

The Aboriginal culture that remains in the world exists in souvenirs.




2 comments on “New Fad of Worshipping Aboriginals

  1. Arnell Hill
    October 31, 2016

    Same issues exist in the United States with native Americans and black people. Some say guilt should not be placed on those alive today. But shouldn’t government acknowledge the wrongs of past and provide programs to assist descendants of those wronged long ago?


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