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How to Play a Didgeridoo

Have you ever wondered how to play a didgeridoo? Tourists come to Tropical North Queensland, Australia wanting to learn more about the Australian Aboriginal culture. The didgeridoo is an Australian Aboriginal musical instrument.

I’ve heard that the didgeridoo is a man’s instrument by LORE (Traditional Aboriginal law), but that might be different between clan groups.

Here’s a video of my friend Willie Gordon, a Traditional Owner and Aboriginal Elder in Tropical Far North Queensland, demonstrating how to play the didgeridoo. In this video he is showing two young men the basic sounds of what you need to make to play a didg.

But watch even more …..

He makes a clear didg sound without the instrument!

He picks up an average stick in the bush and makes it sound like a didgeridoo! And then tells his customers, “That’s how we sell sticks to tourists!”

You can imagine how many different types of laughs he gets… humorous ones from those who like his joke and some embarrassing types of laughs from tourists who actually bought a didgeridoo. 🙂

Willie has been running ROCK ART TOURS in Tropical Far North Queensland for over 15 years. He’s a famous icon in the tourist industry… and from what I’ve seen across Australia… he’s ONE OF A KIND!


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