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Bandicoots Eat Hot Chips

I was nibbling on leftover lunch on a windy early evening when the light Styrofoam container flew out of my hand tossing my meal on the ground.

*sigh!* It was a worthwhile meal of hot chips and Barramundi.

I check the dumped meal and finding dirt all over the tasties carried it further into the bush. Not long after I had a pleasant visitor coming to investigate the meal. At first I heard this HOOing noise – like an owl. It was coming from the forest ground so I wasn’t sure what it was. I grabbed my torched and saw this little critter who was pretty eager to get to the meal he/her smelled.

bandicoot 3

Now I might get a scolding by some people who say we shouldn’t feed the wildlife what we eat, but in my opinion if we can choose what we eat – the animals can too. Free will, right? This little BANDICOOT certainly enjoyed eating the potato. (I was jealous!)

Bandicoots are small omnivorous marsupials about the size of a rabbit. They have a pointy snout, round back and a thin tail. This one was seen in Far North Queensland, Australia. They only come out at night so it was difficult to tell if the small squeaking noise was coming from him/her… very cute!





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