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Making Soap in the Australian Bush

There’s a push in mainstream to buy organic and bio-degradable products off the shelves so that we SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT or save the world… something like that.

BUT hey, Aboriginals have been using natural products for centuries! If mainstream stop the production of chemical products and the people go back to the bush we’d be right.

So you get these SOAP LEAVES in the bush – they are easy to identify – the leaves have a dark shiny top and have a white back. It’s a smaller bush/tree. guurrbi-tours-cooktown-soap

Get a good handful of leaves preferably without the stems and crush them in your hands vigorously. Next, pour a bit of water on them and rub them in a circular motion. You may need a bit more water, but they’ll soon lather up like soap.

They’re not only natural but you feel extra clean after washing with them … kinda feels like an antibacterial products that cleans real deeply.

So, there you have it. A natural SOAP in the bush that’s quite obviously biodegradeable and organic! How’s that for saving the environment?



guurrbi tours soap leaf 3




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