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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Meet Miliwanga Wurrben, Traditional Healer

Miliwanga Wurrben is a shiny, warm Binning woman who touched my heart, opened my soul and healed my stomach.  (The name Binning is the name Australian Aboriginals in the Northern Territory call themselves. … Continue reading

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Are You a Healer?

Last night I had a vivid dream. My school mate, Barb, had written me a letter. It was a lovely letter that described all the fun things we did together. … Continue reading

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Earth is Our Body

I stood there – jaw dropped down – in awe of where I stood. In front of me towered the dark brown reddish Kimberley mountains in shapes I’ve never seen before. … Continue reading

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Berry Springs Nature Reserve

Give yourself about 45 minutes to drive South from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia to reach this beautiful destination of Berry Springs. Take a day to explore the … Continue reading

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Basket Weaving at Barunga Festival

WOW! What the Barunga Festival is an inspirational gathering of black fellas and white fellas! The Barunga Festival is located in the Australian Aboriginal community called BARUNGA, about an hour drive from KATHERINE … Continue reading

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They’re All Dead

Yesterday I was walking in Kakadu National Park in one of the Rock Art Sites. There was a sign telling us that the people of the area are gone – … Continue reading

August 8, 2016 · 1 Comment

Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art in Kakadu

Kakadu National Park is protecting Kakadu’s heritage. (As the sign states below).  Kakadu is a protected area of the Northern Territories in Australia. It is 19,804 km square. Indigenous Australia/ Aboriginal … Continue reading

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