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Australian Aboriginal Culture is Dead

I’ve travelled around Australia from the East to the South to the North and a bit to the West and saw a few different communities. It is purely my assumption that the entire Australian Aboriginal culture has indeed ended. Perhaps it’s more that it has changed – quite drastically – or nearly entirely so much that it indeed is dead.

If you were Australian Aboriginal and wanted to learn your culture it is more likely that the land you were born in – the country where your people were living for centuries is completely overrun by whitefellas. You’re not allowed to go to the land where you used to play and hunt and fish with your family because it is now owned by a whitefella. The old people may or may not be alive and most of them were part of the STOLEN GENERATION and were forcibly removed from their land to live in missions. The cultural knowledge they hold now is only a glimpse of memory from living with their parents – most of their childhood memories would be of church and working for white folk.

IF you were an Australian Aboriginal and wanted to learn more culture you might feel a desperate vibe within you – as if you’re reaching for the end of straws and just can’t quite grasp them. The knowledge just isn’t there any more. The remainder of sacred knowledge is limited to only a handful of old people – in 10 years times they will be gone – with the last of knowledge.

You COULD go to Alice Springs where cultural tension is hard to take – the black fellas and white fellas and Somalians just don’t talk or associate with each other – for the most part. But deep in the dessert you may be lucky enough to find traditional culture. But you’d need to be WELCOMED TO COUNTRY and invited to sit with the people. It’s harsh country and the people are harsh too. They’re also difficult to find – and may not even exist any more. Who knows!

From what I’ve found is that you can learn a bit of Australian Aboriginal culture by going to a festival and learning how to basket weave or pick up a special kind of lemongrass bush medicine. Or you could pay to go on a Rock Art Tour in Cooktown – there’s only 1 other Aboriginal owned Rock Art Tour in the country other than Guurrbi Tours and that’s deep into Western Australian Kimberleys.

There’s not a whole lot of options to learn culture – mainly because culture just doesn’t exist with the people any more. The Elders are mostly Christian or Catholic and so the next generation has not learned Traditional Culture from their parents which leaves the young people and children with a bit of culture such as fishing for barramundi or hunting for mussels and crabs.

The entire Aboriginal Australian culture – in a whole and complete form – is dead.

And that’s sad.





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