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Racial Tension in Alice Springs

It’s entirely factual, in the ways of the mind.

It’s quite impressive actually.

In a previous blog I mentioned how dedicated you would need to be in your daily HABITS to maintain a certain way of being.

Well, from a perspective I have not chosen for myself, the people of Alice Springs have a committed group consciousness to racial tension. It’s an experience you have while visiting Alice Springs.

It seems the entire town – well, near to it – has successfully maintained a dedicated focus on maintaining racial hatred towards each other. Each culture, as the norm, sticks to itself and only when having to will interact with another culture/race/skin colour.

It’s an energy vibe that seemingly has captured the entire community with their unconscious consent.

A school teacher told me that on Anzac day whitefellas were trying to knock Aboriginals on the head. So shocked in the moment of her story that I didn’t ask for more details. Aboriginals stand outside of the grocery store begging for money to buy food while whitefellas wonder how this could be possible as the government hands out money fortnightly to anyone without work. 7 foot tall Somalian security guards stand impressively above the rest in the main shopping centre.

It’s quite obvious that the colour of your skin says where you belong in this town of racial tension.

I can only speculate that past events have realised a strong thinking and doing pattern within the people – so strong – that they live their lives without the realisation that their reality can be different if those chose it to be.

Yet, in some parts of the world – in my world and perhaps in your own – skin colour doesn’t dictate a person’s personality. People can choose to be friends because they feel a genuine connection. wiruungga.jpgBut then the norms of society seem to be such a strong influence on peoples’ minds that it’s impossible to realise your own truth,  even if there is a truth to be had.

Flicking over to another thought pattern I’m sure animals find us a confusing lot because we do indeed think about such matters rather than simply sit without thought. If we put our thinking aside perhaps we wouldn’t be so confused as to whether to talk to a fair skinned or dark skinned person because we were told to or not told to. If we could put our thinking minds aside life might become much easier.

Racial tension is in the thinking mind.

Do you think?

I ponder – what would happen in the heart mind?












One comment on “Racial Tension in Alice Springs

  1. Arnell Hill
    June 26, 2016

    Racial tension has historical origins which have been handed down through generations. Breaking the cycle is the key.

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