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Harry Nanya Tours


I’m pretty keen to learn from Australian Aboriginal Indigenous First Nations.

Well, I walked into Mildura, VIC information centre and found this guy. A famous Aboriginal man.IMG_20160420_154203[1]

Graham Clarke from Harry Nanya Tours.


I was only passing through town that night – but I said to myself, “I gotta meet this guy!” I called him up straight away.

Mind blowing experience!

We had dinner that night and chatted and chatted about culture and business.

Graham Clarke is from the Paakantyi tribe and has been conducting tours in the Mildura/Wentworth region for 20 years. A man strong in Aboriginal culture.

I’ve been supporting Guurrbi Tours in Cooktown, Qld with business and found it fascinating to speak with another Indigenous Australian who runs cultural tours.  He had some amazing ideas and insights into the tourism industry and about the Aboriginal culture in business too.

I didn’t get a chance to go on a tour because I had limited time during this visit but I was absolutely amazed with the information Graham Clarke shared. You’ve got to ask him who HARRY NANYA is! There’s a great story behind that name! 🙂

I can only imagine the power and inspiration one would feel from going on one of his tours. (See video below.)

I’m absolutely delighted to be in contact with this great man and look forward to building a solid connection with both him and his partner Carolyn over the years.

If you’re planning a trip to Victoria or South Australia make a plan to do their tour!


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