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Kangaroo and Bunya Nut Stew

My friend Wiruungga Dunggiirr, an Australian Aboriginal, is an awesome chef with bush tucker. Just last night he made us this scrumptious Kangaroo and Bunya Nut stew with coconut milk and curry flavour. YUM!

He didn’t use an Australian Aboriginal bush tucker recipe – not exactly – but the ingredients are:

  • Kangaroo steak
  • Kangaroo mince
  • Kangaroo tail
  • Bunya nuts
  • Veggies such as carrot, sweet potato, peas, potato
  • Onions and garlic to fry
  • Curry powder

Wiruungga cooked the ingredients in separate pans at first – you’ll see this in the video below. He had two pots going at first – one pot had the kangaroo tail and peas stewing – the second pot was frying the onions and garlic and kangaroo steak. He then added the cut up veggies to the kangaroo tail pot and they stewed until soft and cooked. He added all ingredients together and then added curry powder and coconut milk (he may have fried the curry powder but I missed seeing that step as I was visiting Tim and Sue on the same property).

When he served up the stew he scooped up the curry and added a big bone of kangaroo tail on top. Adding a bit of salt and pepper and it was perfection! YUM! I had two helpings!!

Thank you Wiruungga!



One comment on “Kangaroo and Bunya Nut Stew

  1. Tara | Bush Food Blog
    April 14, 2016

    Excellent! This looks so delicious.


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