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Beautiful Lake Tinaroo

Sunrise at Lake Tinaroo, Atherton, Queensland Australia is absolutely breathtaking. This peaceful location promises a feeling of relaxation for you to unwind and soak in all the goodness of life.

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The Atherton Tablelands (also known as the Cairns Highlands) is located 90kms south-west of Cairns. It ranges from 500m to 1280m above sea level and covers 620km² with a total population of approximately 12,000 people.

The National Park at Lake Tinaroo is one of my favourite camping spots. There are a few different camping locations in the park and it depends on how long you want to go bumpity bump down a long gravel road – I don’t like going for long so stop at the Platypus camp. There are about 14 camping spots there – each a different size. There’s even a few spots where you can camp directly on the lake beach – and have a luxurious beach front view.

ducks at lake tinaroo atherton

The best thing about camping up on the tablelands and near a fresh water lake is that you’re away from CROCODILES which inhabit salty waters on the coast and rivers in Northern Queensland. Even the ducks feel at peace here.

lake tinaroo 2

For thousands of years Aboriginal Australians lived and thrived in this mountainous region. The story of Aboriginal Australia history in the Atherton Tablelands since 1884 is harsh with the invasion of white settlers looking for resources who nearly obliterated a strong and powerful culture.

If you visit Alan Hastie at the Mareeba Information Centre he’ll tell you some of his family’s story from that area.

I’d love to see some history of the Indigenous Australians throughout the National Park. At the moment there are no cultural stories year.

lake tinaroo atherton

Lake Tinaroo is a magical spot for relaxation.

If you’ve been there before let us know!



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