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Experiencing Racism

With a heavy heart I write this blog.

It seems people are categorised differently according to their skin colour. I didn’t realise it was such a harsh judgement.

I believe we come from once Spirit – we’re all the same.

But when our spirit enters into these physical forms we carry a body with us, and that body looks different from one person to the next.

I see your spirit.

I also see your matrix of beliefs, emotions, feelings and attitudes. I know you act on your highest priority. You robotically act on the CORE beliefs that society has given you. I also know that you have a choice about what you do and how you act in life. You have the choice to feel happy right now and you have the choice to be angry right now.

I’ve recently been categorised as a “white person who steals land and money”, but the truth of my actions negate this boxing. The actual facts of the matter are clear. I’m not stealing land or money. Yet I’ve been accused of such because of my skin colour.

Racism remains. Hard and strong.

I’ve never experienced racism before.

Is this what other people experience every day? Around the world? 

If so, racism has the power to stop someone in their tracks from achieving their dreams, from helping someone expand their life, from working towards a better life, from living a life of confidence and even from feeling a sense of belonging and worthiness.

Racism has the power to stop someone from enjoying life.

This single realisation saddens my heart.

This realisation has gifted to me the understanding, empathy and compassion for people who experience racism.

I feel it in my heart now – because I’ve experienced racism.

People don’t like me because I’m white.

“Don’t work with another white woman. She’ll steal your money too and you’ll regret it.”

Some white people are deceptively clever at stealing money from others. Some white people have a heart of gold and volunteer their time to help others.

experiencing racism - wyld woman goes bush

I am aware that racism exists. My grandparents on my Mom’s side taught us that differences in skin colour didn’t mean you weren’t a child of God. My brother has Downs Syndrome and so prejudice was not allowed in my family. Everyone was loved and treated equally.

BUT, there were no people of colour in my childhood town… except for one Indian family… and they stood out.

My daughter has an Indian father and she has caramel skin colour – racism was an issue for her. Not badly. Just something she was aware of – that came up from time to time.

I don’t see your skin colour as a resistance to our connection. Our connection is based on how you act & what you do.

I’ve never experienced racism. Racism hurts. Racism hurt my heart. It wasn’t truth. It was not based on my actions. It was pure hatred. Hatred because of skin colour.

If this is what other people feel in the world – I want it eradicated from the planet!

How utterly ridiculous that this should even exist on a planet of spiritual beings.  <shrugs shoulders & rolls eyes>

What am I to do with this lesson? With this enlightenment?

I’m going to bring it all back to myself. Sounds selfish? It’s not really. Let me explain. If everyone in the world has a belief system and/or actions that can hurt you…. it’s important then to build a strong sense of self love and radiate that love, joy and peace from your spirit out into the world.

This lesson makes me want to love myself more deeply.

I’ll be stronger then. 😉

**REFLECTION: After publishing this blog I had a good look at my personal life and was able to see that I do indeed have close friends of different cultures. One of my best friends is Indigenous Australian, another good friend is African Nigerian, and still another good friend is Tibetan. I have a myriad of other friends who are Indigenous Australians who play a huge part in my social life and support group. I have friends of all races and ages – so in reflection, my personal experience is that I determine who is part of my life according to “What’s inside”.

What’s your personal experience?













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