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Passing of a Loved One

Uncle (you call someone this as a sign of respect) was living with liver cancer for a few years. Doctors did radiation therapy and were successful removing it – but it grew back. They tried natural therapies of tablets and healthy eating – without much improvement.

He was a kind and gentle man who welcomed anyone into his home with compassion and love. He passed away this morning so I will not name him – as per the culture.

It was about 6 months ago I met this beautiful family – when I first started my journey to North Australia. The first day I met them I felt as though I fit in some how. Not sure how – but it felt good – sense of belonging. The grandchildren are absolutely adorable and I love them to bits. So cute! The warmth I felt from this family is more-ish.

Back home death and funerals are different than here. An open coffin is an option. I remember getting eeeby-jeeby vibes about seeing a dead person. People don’t mourn openly – they do it quietly and privately. I don’t recall going to a funeral.

Today I mourned openly. Today I hugged and kissed Uncle in the hospital. He passed away in the morning and I hugged him a few times throughout the day. His family was there – extended family too. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and experienced. Everyone was around him for hours upon hours talking, hugging him, hugging each other, laughing, crying, eating, saying their good-byes.

Today I experienced a deep deep sadness that felt whole and complete and real. I didn’t have to hide my emotions. I didn’t have to be happy and pretend that everything would be ok. Today I was allowed to feel sad.

I’m still very sad.

This blog is to pay my respects and give my love to Uncle and Aunty and their family.







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