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Power in Chi Gong

Many different cultures recognise and work with the power of the land for health and well-being.

I’ve been practicing Chi Gong – on and off – for about 25 years. The practice makes me feel stronger, healthier and more youthful.

I’m always fascinated to watch videos on how the Masters used Chi energy to knock someone off their feet with a 1 finger push. I’ve even heard stories of Chi Gong Masters stopping the rain in a certain location.

One video I watched recently was about a Chi Gong Master who talked about how he pushed someone with his Chi. He described it as, “I can send my energy from here to there…. I use the will of my thinking… that will is a kind of energy”.


Okay, so we know that our thoughts create our reality – but most of us have no idea the extent of this power!

How does one harness thought so finely that it makes waves in energy so powerful it can move a person or part the clouds?

I’m curious.





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