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Guurbi Tours

I had the pleasure of going on one of Willie Gordon’s Guurbi Tours in Hopevale, Queensland, Australia. What a magical place! willie gordon guurbi tours

Willie Gordon is a Nugal-warra Elder and his tour is called the Rainbow Serpent Tour. When you arrive in Cooktown you can’t miss hearing about these famous tours.

I particularly enjoyed the tour because Willie is a fascinating story teller. He not only showed us ancient rock art sites, but told the story that went along with them. One particular story was about a non-Indigenous girl who lived with his people for some time – but I don’t want to spoil anything for you. 😉 Here’s a direct link to his website so you can hear the stories for yourself!

It was such an honour to walk with an Indigenous Aboriginal Elder on the land… on ancient tracks that were used by the Nugal people for centuries. It’s really quite a thrill!

willie gordon guurbi tours hopevaleWillie has such vast knowledge that his tours are filled with cultural knowledge. At one point in the track he showed us Green Ants as a Bush Medicine. And at another spot on the tour he showed us how to make soap from leaves. There were other interesting facts too, but I can’t seem to recall them all right now! (Perhaps another blog 🙂

You can tell he’s listening to the land as he walks. (Well, that’s what it looked like to me!)

Guurbi tours are definitely a MUST DO when you’re up North in Cooktown and Hopevale, Queensland, Australia so get in contact by visiting the website: Guurbi Tours

guurbi tours


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