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Traditional LORE

Traditional LORE (law) absolutely fascinates me!  As an ancient law, going back 80,000 some years, it seems to have some real power behind it. According to an online dictionary LORE is accumulated beliefs and knowledge that a group of people hold and pass from generation to generation by oral tradition.

Now we know how much our thoughts and beliefs affect our life and lifestyle – including our health and well-being, happiness and overall satisfaction in life. When beliefs are passed through generations they hold a real deep seated power. Without a doubt you BELIEVE. When you believe to that deep level it becomes reality. This is similar to many ancient religions around the world.

traditional lore

Sometimes I wish I could believe that deeply in something to make it POP into my life.

Sometimes I wish I could believe that deeply in something to make it POP into my life.

Everyone creates their own reality with their thoughts, beliefs, attitude, emotions and feelings. When you align all of them on one particular thing – without a doubt or a conflicting thought or belief pattern – life happens instantly.

How many times have you thought about a parking spot at Christmas time? The shopping mall is hectic and crazy and all the spots are usually taken – except when you imagine one becoming available as soon as you arrive – and so it does.

I know I hold some beliefs very close to my heart because they create a really good pattern in my life. I know some of these personally and love watching how they materialise. Some of these are so close to me that I don’t feel comfortable speaking or typing about them because that might/will change how that belief pattern works for me. Some of my beliefs I don’t mind sharing openly because they are more familiar, or fit the norm with other people.

As I enter into different tribal areas the people become familiar with my way of thinking and doing, and share their some of their Traditional LORE accordingly. Their traditional beliefs passed down through their generations are valuable to them. They are as valuable to them as your great grandmother’s gold ring (or other family heirloom) is to you. This, of course, depends upon the person holding the value – as everyone has different beliefs about family heritage. So, when Traditional LORE is shared I respect how precious they are to them and keep them as close to my heart as I do my own precious beliefs.

Some LORE is general knowledge and important to know and observe in interactions. For instance, in some areas it’s thabul (taboo) to speak with your parents-in-law OR with your daughter-in-laws or son-in-laws – depending if you are male or female. You must not look at them directly or even hand them food.  For instance, as a  female it was necessary for me to introduce myself to the other women in the family – because Uncle wasn’t allowed to according to the LORE.

What happens when you break the LORE (law)? Well, what happens when you break the law of your own country? There are different consequences – and none of them good.

As always, it’s important to respect the culture and laws of the land that you’re in. No matter what country you’re travelling in! Talk to the Elders and pay your respect.

(Yes, I know this is the ‘old’ way that has mostly been forgotten – but seriously! respecting Elders is a very valuable and necessary pattern of behaviour for a healthy functioning society. That’s how I was raised. Respecting Elders.)


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