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It’s up to the Individual to Improve Their Life

I’ve noticed that some Originals (Indigenous Australians) are hopelessly stuck in misery.

If you’ve visited my websites: www.personaldevelopmentinsights.com or www.positivityforbetterliving.com you would have seen how passionate I am about improving life. The key to improving life is to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs – because these generate how you’re feeling and how you experience life.

Some people are stuck in a STORY of how miserable their life is because of past hardships and experiences. They feel hopeless about improving their life because this STORY has taken control of what they think and feel and how they behave. Due to this they remain stuck in their own sabotaging patterns.

This tree could have suffered or died due to it's circumstances, but instead it grew through hardship - cracking the rock!

This tree could have suffered or died due to it’s circumstances, but instead it grew through hardship – cracking the rock!

Yesterday I was really shaken when I witnessed a beautiful Indigenous Elder stuck in this pattern of hopelessness, blame (blaming everyone around them, the environment, the system, etc) and misery. You see, I carry around these lenses of rose coloured glasses in which I view the beauty in each individual. It’s confusing to me when I realise that they can’t see their own beauty and power. I feel at a loss with how I can help them realise this because they seem to be stuck in years worth of convoluted, layered misery. These layers merge together each family member and give them a heavy burden to carry. It’s no wonder they are living a heavy life. AND, this is even more surprising after I’ve seen how PROUD and BEAUTIFUL this culture is at the Laura Dance Festival.

Now, I’ve seen some amazing Indigenous people and Elders who have (mostly) unplugged from this story and are living their life doing as much good in their life and the world. You see, when you’re culture has been given a story (and this happens to all cultures and sub-cultures around the world – including single parents) it’s difficult to pull yourself away from this story and stand in your own power. Some people have made the choice to live a good life – and act on that – regardless of what other story people have around them. (Although sometimes you need walk away to make your life better. And then return demonstrating a new and uplifting way of living).

The first step in making this change, of course, is to realise that the story actually exists – look at that story from an eagle’s eye perspective – and see how it matches what you truly want in your life. Next, you would decide what beliefs, thoughts and emotions you want to experience. What do you want to experience in life? And then you would decide on what to change in your life – what you want to improve. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours.

These steps can be changed around – but all of them must be accomplished and acted on.

YOU, are a beautiful radiant being! I think it’s time that everyone around the world STEPS UP and realises their own unique power and beauty. DROP THE STORIES! Take back your own power and choose to live a life you love!! Look in the mirror – stare into your eyes – and tell yourself, “I love you!” and then smile widely.

Make every breath and every step – a dedication to YOU, and treat yourself with respect including in your eating, exercise, AND in your thoughts and emotions. Do NOT wait for others to treat you with respect. What you project out into the world (what you do) is what others will give you. Give yourself respect – and others will naturally follow.

This life is about LOVING YOU!!

**sighs deeply** In every culture.


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