Wyld Woman Goes Bush

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White Man Owns This Land

I’ve been travelling for five days with approximately 4-5 hours each day. And, of course, the scenery changes as you travel. I’ve seen miles of sugar cane, fields of empty dry (dead) grey dirt, rows of palm trees, farm houses, yellow fields of grass spotted with cows, and the natural Australian bush scene with miles and miles of open field.

the land

the land 3

In the passenger seat sits an Indigenous Australian spirit guide. Approximately 17 years ago my Reiki Master drew a picture of all my spirit guides and in amongst them was an Indigenous Elder. At the time I thought “cool” and didn’t give it much thought after that. But lately, I’ve noticed him keeping me company.

the land2

the land 4

So, we’re driving along on this journey and he points out the massive amounts of land that isn’t being used. We see the mountains in the distance which are absolutely stunning, the rocks that protrude with magnificence throughout the land, and of course the different shapes trees and grasses. I see him, a proud skinny black man, standing in the fields as we pass by. His head is held high and he carries a spear. And he tells me,

“White man owns this land.”

the land5

And so I ponder on his words. Every bit of this land is owned by the government or independently. It is OWNED by someone. This makes it illegal for Indigenous people to live on the land. It’s illegal for anyone to camp there. In fact, you get fined if you’re camping on the land.

And yet, here we see miles and miles and miles of beautiful land without cows or crops… just open land… doing nothing.

It baffles me.


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