Wyld Woman Goes Bush

A radical life changing personal development story of how a woman walks away from her 'norm' travelling the Australian outback, meeting with Australian Aboriginals, then venturing into Tibetan Buddism….. and then realising the ancient wisdom to expanding consciousness has always been within.

Capricorn Caves

Travelling from Gin Gin straight through to Rockhampton is a long and boring drive with very few sights to see in between.

I stopped at the Dreamtime Cultural Centre for a quick squiz but found myself travelling North again…. and made a quick “I need a mind break!” stop at the Capricorn Caves.

capricorn caves - rockhampton 3

Rockhampton caves

Check out the ORBS!!

capricorn caves - rockhampton 4 This is a picture of the ceiling where the tree root is coming down through the cave. The picture is a bit dark, but hey – so was the cave! 🙂capricorn caves - orbs capricorn caves - rockhampton

capricorn caves - rockhampton 2


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