Wyld Woman Goes Bush

Seeking hidden doorways to realities that urge us to awaken from the trance of the mundane world and discover the truth of our Inner Self.

First Stop is Gin Gin

After many months of planning and preparing I still found myself hesitating to leave what was familiar. As I watched the familiar highway signs pass by it felt good, but when the signs changed to something I’ve never seen before my stomach knotted up. Was I really that stuck in the familiar?

Driving is boring! The roads in Queensland, Australia are long. My first stop was 3 ½ hours away and while that seems to be a rather acceptable amount of time… there is nearly nothing in between!

My first stop was planned to a tee. I was to stay in Gin Gin at a free place on someone’s land they called Archer’s Idle. I expected to see archery as per the picture, but what I found was an open piece of land with a very rugged outdoor compost toilet. There are a few stagnant water holes on the property, and some bush figs (which I think are edible).

Gin Gin loo

Gin Gin figs

Tam and the kids were friendly and came down past the dam to say “G’day” while I was cooking up carrots and potatoes on the little methylated spirit stove.

THAT STOVE is a miracle! Thanks to Broc and Stacey I easily whip up a quick meal without much hassle. Just a bit of methylated spirits and a match… and about 10 minutes later my meal is cooked. It’s absolutely brilliant!Gin Gin meal on metho stove

As evening set I found it odd that I didn’t hear cicadas… perhaps it’s not their time of year? … I just assumed they were out all year round.

At sunrise I was off and keen to find a breakfast location. But alas! Miles and miles later…. Nothing worth eating so grabbed some heatlhy snacks from the van and nibbled my way North-er.


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